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October 11th 2008
Published: October 11th 2008
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The Pilgrimage

Catholics make pilgrimages to the Vatican, Muslims go to Mecca, Buddhist to Nepal, and Matt Kling to Oktoberfest....

Seriously though, like I said earlier, I had lived in Munich and Augsburg, so indulging in the Okotberfest brought great memories back.

We had only about 6 hours to experience the festivities as we had obligations to all the other places in Europe we wanted to see, lack of planning, expensive hotels, easy night trains to Italy, one day was enough, the list goes on. I was happy to soak up the Oktoberfest, indulge in the spirit, and be sent on my way. First things first, we had to get the blood flowing and alleviate some relationship stress with a good old fashion round of bumper cars. Then I had to have it, a "Deumpfneudal mit vanilla sauce" that is. I had been dreaming about it for years, ever since I last had it. Finally, I was reunited with the soft pillow-like dumpling and its thick rich sweet creamy blanket, I think I saw Angels...

We went on to try a few more amusement park rides, a haunted house, and then to find a beer tent where we'd set up camp to see if the great one would rise. We shared one, two, three moses(1 moss is 1 liter, about 1 quart), was there a fourth? I don't remember, but after a chat with my taste buds they had the following report, "it was a strong(6%!)(MISSING), rich pale lager, reeking of autumn leaves, and easy on the way down."

Somewhere in between the beers my consumption was gluttonous, as a pretzel bigger than my head, hendls(chicken), schnitzels(fried pork), and one or two more dumplings with heart attack sauce were all consumed to a belly that had found heaven.

My pilgrimage was complete.

A few extra facts, links, travel tips
- Great general information on Wikipedia:
- Accommodationsare astronomical, book in advance, be ready to spend, and if you have Eurorail consider an outlying nearby city like Augsburg, Salzburg, Bad tolz, etc...
- If you want to go to one of any of the tents I recommend a reservation, coming with friends (or making them quickly), coming early and drinking late, and with a high tolerance to drunks, smoking, singing, and people packed in like sardines.
- Don't forget the dates change every year and the event barely has a few days in October, it's mostly in September.
- If there is one song you learn, learn this one it will help you make friends fast:
- How to dress german:,

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Clearly this can only be done after moss#1

20th September 2009

Dampfnudel ;-)

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