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September 19th 2008
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Inside the beer hall
Beer fest Octoberfest was alot of fun but very, very cold again.

On the opening day we headed to the beer halls at 9am we walked up to a small line and wondered if we were in the right place when the tents finally opened there is a giant free-for-all rush to the benches. People leapt over chairs like show jumping horses, slid across tables like they were waxed car hoods; it's a complete head to head, neck to neck, elbow to face battle for the perfect spot. It seems ridiculous - the beer tents can fit up to 10,000 people, and there are 11 tents. Most of the tables had reserved labels on but we found one and weren't about to give it up without a fight.

It was a long wait once we got it to the time we got our first cold beer, the mayor tapped the keg at 12 then it was game on. The women that serve, lug up to six full litre steins in each hand its amazing and I feel deserved the tips we were handing out.

We stayed in tents for 3 nights two of those nights I didn't

Giant Pretzles
sleep because of the cold air coming up though the air bed. After the day at the beer halls we slept really, really well (I wonder why). We made some great friends and had a great time at the opening festival.

They kept playing a song over the loud speaker "Im prosting im prosting" and when one person sings a prosting song, everyone in the entire beer tent will sing a prosting song.

Unfortunatly we didnt see much of Munich but the main reason we were there was to go to Octoberfest so it was ok.

The best thing about Octoberfest is Pork Knuckle yum! And none of us had hang overs by the end of the day.

It was a great festival hope to get back next year.

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Look at all the Beer!Look at all the Beer!
Look at all the Beer!

How many she can carry

Whos got the hat

Well what do you think of that
SO goodSO good
SO good

Me and Beth finishing off our Pork knuckle

Got a bit crazy

with Pork Knuckle

14th January 2011

I was browsing oktoberfest things and my grandmother is from germany, and came here with my grandpa a little after wwii. She taught me german and I've been there about 6 times to visit family, but the picture of the giant cookies really got me! My grandma has always had those preserved in plastic hanging around her home, and it just reminds me of her. I love her so much =] Thank you for this

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