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April 25th 2018
Published: June 1st 2018
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Christmas has arrived early this year. As the doors were being unlocked, we were back at the Welt again for delivery day. Our scheduled pick-up time may have been at 0940, but we were there at 0759. This never gets old. First order of business was doing the paperwork in the newly renovated offices next to the Lounge. And there was quite a bit to be done. I wonder if anyone actually reads through ... Read Full Entry

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Round TwoRound Two
Round Two

You can't just drink one. Not when the beer is 3 Euro for half a liter.
Watching over the fields belowWatching over the fields below
Watching over the fields below

Throughout Bavaria we saw these paved bike paths out in the middle of nowhere. I'm not sure I was ever in the kind of shape to bike throughout Europe, but if I could this beautiful place would've made my list. As long as it was all downhill.
Pretzel logicPretzel logic
Pretzel logic

To keep those beer sales going these pretzels were liberally sprinkled with salt but that didn't keep me from grabbing one as a snack..
File this away for the next visitFile this away for the next visit
File this away for the next visit

We had been fed so well at the Welt that we weren't in the mood for a mid-afternoon meal. A pretzel would suffice, but next time beer and W├╝rsts will be on the agenda next time.

AKA pork knuckle is a standard offering at German beer halls. I've never even been tempted.
Two beers down.  Two beers down.
Two beers down.

Now it's time to work the alcohol out of our systems with a hike up to the church. Here the hill became significantly steeper but not a killer.
Almost thereAlmost there
Almost there

Halfway to the top the souvenir shop is conveniently situated. The perfect excuse for taking a short break.
Entrance to the sacred groundsEntrance to the sacred grounds
Entrance to the sacred grounds

In wet or icy weather this might pose a problem for half drunken visitors, but today it was a great day for some exercise. While the beer terrace below was nearly packed, up here where God dwells it was pretty deserted.
The first of many amazingly ornate chapels on this tripThe first of many amazingly ornate chapels on this trip
The first of many amazingly ornate chapels on this trip

You really can't appreciate Europe without visiting the plethora of religious sites you encounter at every turn. Over the next few days we lost count of how many cathedrals, basilicas, churches, shrines and chapels we entered but all were gorgeous. Being predominately Catholic Bavaria has more than its fair share of ornate gilded religious buildings. Even in the most remote locales we would walk into similar troves of spiritual art.
Look upLook up
Look up

Some of the prettiest art in these old churches rests high above the worshipers. I can't imagine how much work went into the creation of these arches and the frescoes overhead. With the continually declining church attendance in Europe I have to wonder how long these places will survive.
Time to get back on the road againTime to get back on the road again
Time to get back on the road again

I was ready to move on and get to Oberammergau before dark. This had been a true religious experience in more ways than one.
Tourist posing with his bag of Andechs souvenirsTourist posing with his bag of Andechs souvenirs
Tourist posing with his bag of Andechs souvenirs

Before we left on this trip I had a very short list of things I felt I needed to bring back home. On our first day of real touring I already had ten more pounds of stuff to try and squeeze into my suitcase.
Just roll me down to the carJust roll me down to the car
Just roll me down to the car

Descending was almost more of a chore than climbing up the hill. Those cobblestones are tough on the knees.
On the shores of the AmmerseeOn the shores of the Ammersee
On the shores of the Ammersee

Andechs is just a stone's throw from the ten mile long Ammersee. Noting the big blue mass on our GPS screen as we left the monastery parking lot we decided to swing by for some pretty waterside views. It took 15 minutes of driving through a thick forest on both sides of us until we wee able to get a glimpse of the alpine lake. Eager to see more we pulled off the road in the town of Diessen.
Not much going on right nowNot much going on right now
Not much going on right now

Nobody on the lake today but based on the big parking lot next to the lake and the number of currently closed hotels near the shore, this place is busy in high season.
Football practiceFootball practice
Football practice

Actually it's "soccer" practice with no parents hanging around. The way it should be.
Is this GPS working?Is this GPS working?
Is this GPS working?

After punching in the coordinates for the Wittelsbach Hotel in Oberammergau our Nav system indicated it was less than 15 miles away. But it seemed like we drove halfway to Italy and still weren't halfway there yet. With this kind of scenery who cares?
Our first glimpse of the AlpsOur first glimpse of the Alps
Our first glimpse of the Alps

Oberammergau is in the shadow of these great European mountains. We still have some distance to go. This was another one of those bicycle path roads that I was afraid to drive on.

1st June 2018

We have spent many vacations there. Friends taught at the NATO school. I've climbed the Kofel and cross country skied the King Ludwig's Lauf. I hope you have time to swim at the Wellenbad!

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