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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ettal May 24th 2020

Dies ist mein 500. TB-Blog-Eintrag. Ich widme ihn meinem Besuch des Kloster Ettals letzten Sonntag. Es ist gleichzeitig der erste Ausflug nach etwa 11 Wochen Reiseabstinenz wegen Corona. Ich bin also von München nach Süden zum Kloster Ettal gefahren und habe dort gut einen Parkplatz bekommen. Dann bin ich in die Klosteranlage und die Basilika. Von dort in den Klosterladen, wo ich drei Flaschen Benediktiner Weißbier Alkoholfrei gekauft habe. Anschließend wollte ich erst in die Käserei, aber da der Weg doch etwas weit war, bin ich zum Klostermarkt, um eine Brotzeit für zuhause zu kaufen. Leider hatte dieser aber zu. Also ging ich noch etwas suchend die Straße entlang, bis ich zu einem Café kam, wo es Brot, Wurst und Oberammergauer Käse gab. All das habe ich eingekauft und später zuhause gegessen und dabei eine Flasche ... read more
Kloster Ettal.
Kloster Ettal.
Kloster Ettal.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ettal April 12th 2015

Heute bin ich bei schönem Wetter von München nach Schloß Linderhof gefahren. Dort habe ich an einer Führung durch das Gebäude teilgenommen und habe danach den Maurischen Kiosk und die Venusgrotte angesehen. Ich fand alles sehr sehenswert.... read more
Der Maurische Kiosk von innen.
Die Venusgrotte.
Die Außenanlagen.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ettal December 13th 2006

The bus ride from Ettal to Linderhof is less than 20 minutes, if you get a direct bus, which I was fortunate to catch. Linderhof is not just the name of another one of King Ludwig's Palaces, but is also the name of the small community where the Palace is situated. As we roll past the snowcovered farms, I see deer tracks, scattered houses and bus shelters where the school children can try to get protection from the biting cold. The day is very sunny, but the wind is brisk and the air cold. I think this is the coldest day yet. Still not terribly uncomfortable, but I wouldn't want to be out in this for any extended period of time. We pass through the village of Zieglerhof, and I wonder if any of my German ... read more
Linderhof Garden and Gazebo
Linderhof Top of Front
They almost look real

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ettal December 13th 2006

My day started OK, but very groggy as I did not sleep well - why can't I have hot flashes when I'm outside in the freezing cold?. A shower helped knock out the cobwebs. Things started going a little more smoothly, until I began to dry my hair. Evidently, the power socket in the bathroom does not like my dryer, and I blew the circuit. Great. It is still pitch dark at 6:30 in the morning, but I feel my way to the phone and call to the front desk. The only people in are the kitchen staff, and someone tells me they will be up to my room to check it out. Guess they didn't believe I was standing in the dark with wet hair. A few minutes later, I answer the knock on the ... read more
Ettal Street Scene
Ettal Monastery
Ettal Abbey Entrance Detail

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ettal October 19th 2006

Not far from Oberammergau sits the Benadictine Abbey at Ettal. Founded in 1330, it is still an active monastery today. We had been advised by a nice lady also staying at the guesthouse that we should make a stop here - she was right, it is truly a special place! Behind the Abbey, there is a "cheesery" or "Schaukäserei" where we enjoyed samples of the local cheese and a wonderful slice of cheesecake. Just a note about cheese in Europe - it's really difficult to find Cheddar anywhere except England, which is strange given the hundreds of types of cheese available.... read more
Main Altar
Abbey Dome
Sunlit Angel

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