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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ebersberg April 19th 2011

I look across to the sakura trees lining the river – they look sad now with their colours lost and the slate grey skies emptying their rain over everything. I’m early for the bus so I go to the kiosk in the station to buy a Japan Times. Who will buy them now, I think. During the whole time I’ve been in Mito I’ve seen a grand total of four western men around the station area, but not a single western woman. You never see lots of westerners in Mito, but you would normally see more than that in a week. I’m in Narita airport. There are a very few westerners, mostly men, but normally Narita is brimming with foreigners. I’m in a shop which sells traditional Japanese souvenirs. ‘Sumimasen’, says a Japanese man to the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ebersberg March 29th 2011

I'm off to Japan tomorrow. I've been to Japan many, many times before as Neil, my husband, lived and worked there for about 14 years. The wires strung across all the streets, the pink pachinko parlors, the drink machines, the sliding doors into the dark depths of a pottery shop or a soba restaurant, the frogs croaking in the rice fields, the nod of thanks when you are driving, the heavy roofs crowning the shrines and temples - these are all as familiar to me as a church nestling in a valley, a high street full of individual buildings and standard shop fronts, of folk thanking the bus driver or the cabin staff when they leave, a field scattered with sheep. But tomorrow is different, as I don't know the Japan hit by a three-pronged fortune, ... read more

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