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July 12th 2008
Published: July 12th 2008
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Hello all! The last few days have been full of events. Thursday I slept in till noon after going to bed at 9pm! After this we walked around downtown, and then up the hill to the Coburg Castle. Asides from being a museum in itself, the castle also houses a museum of bavarian heritage. Many rooms are left untouched from when the castle was constructed. Including Martin Luther's room. Later in the evening we drove to go pick up a car at audi dealership in the next town. We then went to Cesslach for dinner, jager schnitzel mit potato salad :D Friday i got up and went to school with Jonas und Jakob. The school is 402 years old, and has about the same amount of students, a huge difference to our overcrowded class sizes. Traditional Coburg bratwurst are almost a foot long and you still get a tiny little bun with it, so it hangs way over the ends. After a quick lunch of weisswurst we headed over to bamberg. Bamberg is known locally as the little venice, it is full of canals and has a very italian villa feel to it. In the evening we went to the samba festival, beers are too expensive so we stopped at the super market first. 6x500ml bitburger = 3 euros. Hung around in the hofgaarten until midnight when we walked home and hit the hay. Today (saturday) I managed to sleep in and we then walked to samba, where they were breaking a record of the most people all drumming the same beat or something. Or atleast thats what i think was happening, It didn't translate very well :s We went to go see Jonas' opa to go celebrate his birthday. Upon our return we went back to samba to go party!


Bamberg Rathaus

Bamberg Rathaus


Jonas und I drinking beer mit cola at Samba


12th July 2008

Beer mit Cola????
Dude, save some of those 50 cent Bits for me. Beer with cola ????? sacrilege!
13th July 2008

Wow, looks gorgeous! So jealous! Stupid school... :(
14th July 2008

GARRETT!! I'm SO UBER JEALOUS! Sounds like you're having a super amazing time in gorgeous Europa :)
14th July 2008

Dude... my car doesn't even have a 200 on it.... sweet!
18th July 2008

man, getting drunk and watching people drum... In GERMANY! play some football for me!

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