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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden June 26th 2015

Friday 26 June 2012 The village we are staying in (Weissbach) is only a thirty minute drive to Berchtesgaden National Park. The weather looked perfect for some mountaineering. The drive to our starting point was spectacular. A new alpine scene around every corner. Lush green alpine meadows and no animals to enjoy the freshness of the grass. All the cows are tucked away in their barns. The grass gets cut for feed, either as silage, hay or cut grass. The cows are not allowed to spoil the look of the fields by walking on them. Steep rugged rock faces soar skyward with pine trees hanging on for dear life. Every now and then there is the perfectly placed carpark for that perfect photo. First stop on the tour was Berchtesgaden to visit the Tourist Office, which ... read more
The Eagles Nest
The Eagles Nest
The Eagles Nest

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden August 20th 2014

Hello again We are now in southern Barvaria. Austria is only a stones throw south. We arrived on Monday after a quite long drive on the AutoBahn from Berlin. About 5 1/2 hrs. Mostly at an avg of 80-85 mph. The fast cars were passing me at about 100 min. Barvaria is very beautiful. Large farm homes and rolling farm land right up to the Barvarian Alps. So many towns and small villages with non-pronounceable (is that a word) names. Here are some images from the last few days. Lowell (lost in Barvaria)... read more
Rocco church
Overlook to Schliersee
May pole

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden July 10th 2014

So of my whole trip, Berchtesgaden has been the most breath taking. The city here lays on the base of the alps, the streams coming from there are crystal clear and taste like bottled water (I got thirsty on my hike into town and the water looked too refreshing). The trainride here was cool as well, there were a bunch of silly late teens going to some concert in Salzburg who almost got thrown off the train for singing too loudly haha. Something interesting about this little town,it is the only place I saw a memorial to fallen German soldiers, there was a little monument in town and one on a little hill with the names and dates of fallen locals. Sadly, when I got there the tour had been filled so I was unable to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden September 23rd 2012

After a wonderful time in Berlin, we headed off in search of new adventures in Germany. Picture a nation with over 80 million people in an area the size of Montana and you’ve got a quick reference for size of it all. But of course there lies much diversity in this land and we soon found this out. We are excited by train travel. This is most likely because there are so few to travel on in the States. The notion is quite romantic to us, so we started our voyage out of Berlin to Munich on the Ice train. Relaxing and decadent. It is said this train can go 180 km per hour. On this voyage, it did not. Too many stops and not enough straight track to allow for full throttle. We sailed along ... read more
Ulm, Germany
Brutus in Berchtesgaden
Beautiful roof tops

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden October 7th 2011

Well as they had predicted, we woke up this morning to snow on the mountain tops and a good 25 degree drop in temperature….brrrr. We are so grateful that we had visited the Eagle’s Nest the day prior because it was indeed closed. Snow in the mountains meant rain down below and our streak of excellent weather has ended. It poured rain most of the morning with intermittent showers the rest of the day. We spent the day driving and exploring the Berchtesgaden National park and stopped at a few very cute towns. The drive was picturesque with snow now capping the mountains and Matt forced me to do my Sound of Music twirl, which OK was fun, yet cold. The highlight of the day was a short boat cruise up the Konigsee Lake. It was ... read more
Modern day Maria (Julie Andrews)
Erin at the Konigsee

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden October 6th 2011

We slept in a bit this morning so that we could hit the Steigl brewery on the way out of Salzburg. They opened at 10am, and we were there eager and waiting. It was a very nice place with outdoor seating, a museum (which we didn’t go through) and a gift shop which we dropped $100 at in souvenirs (what can we say…we love zee beer!). You know the saying ‘When in Rome?’ well…when in Germany, do as the Germans do and drink beer at 10:30am!! Hahaha! After we purchased our souvenirs, we had to sit and enjoy their outside area and partake. Matt of course had the Weisse (wheat beer), and I tried their grapefruit radler which was oh so yummy! Berchtesgaden, Germany is only 30 min from Salzburg, but within 10 min of leaving ... read more
Enjoying more Stiegl Weisse !
Cool poster from the Museum that was the former documentation center during the war
Eagles Nest

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden August 16th 2011

This morning we went down for breakfast only to see a parking police putting tickets on all the cars parked on the street (about two cars away from ours). I ran outside to move our car and she came over and said something in German that had something to do with me not being allowed to park there (even though there are NO signs saying that). She let me move the car and the owner of the B&B gave me a card to put in the window so I wouldn’t get a ticket. If you go to Oberammergau, there are NO free places to park in the city, so make sure you get a plaque so you don’t get an extra souvenir from your stay. Another guest was still trying to fight the ticket when we ... read more
Inside Oberammergau Cathedral

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden July 10th 2011

Yea you read it correctly our last day. Everyone wants to stay, Kirsten is saying sell the houses’ let’s buy a Zimmer. I’ll run it over here. You remember we had this issue when we were in Northern Italy a while back. Did you forget Will, Mark and Caroline still live in Winter Haven; Oh yea, I guess it would be hard to commute back and forth. YEA! HELLO! Gee’s why do I have to be the bad guy. Now that everyone is back down to reality Oma says today is Fest day at Berchtesgaden. Kirsten is out the door and halfway down the stairs. A few hundred years earlier the people of Berchtesgaden had this club or organization that shot guns. Ok, I don’t understand but basically it a Fest ’Festival' to celebrate these folks ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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