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August 9th 2006
Published: August 30th 2006
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Rothenburg ob der TauberRothenburg ob der TauberRothenburg ob der Tauber

Inside the Old Town
I spent most of the time in Germany in these two small towns of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bamberg, although I made transits in Berlin and Munich. My main aim of going to these small towns was to see the traditional German architectures as both of the two are well-preserved medival towns.

Rothenburg is a small walled town along the Romantic Road which now near exclusively caters for the tourists. And there are lots of them. It was built upon the River Tauber during the middle age, and the buildings are well preserved. The main attractions are the Rathus, the town hall, and the city wall. I stayed here for a few nights, but many visitors are going there from Munich or Numberg for a day trip. It actually depends on what one is after: the town is small enough to be explored on a single day, but its atmosphere is, I felt, quite different in the evening when most people had left. Anyway, I stayed there for a longer time because i) I got tired of the big cities, and ii) accommodation in Rothenburg is relatively inexpensive.

Travelling from Rothenburg to Bamberg was by train. I think that the Germans have a fairly good rail system, which aim to match train connection within a few minutes. But it is also the problem, because, enroute my journey, I would need to change three times, with one connection only within 3 minutes. Of course, it would be unreasonable to expect all trains to run on time on the minute, and what happened to me was I missed the connection just for a few minutes and I had to reroute through Numberg, which took me another hour. Fortunately, my ticket allowed me to travel unlimitedly and this didn't cost me an extra cent. Sometimes I tend to think that too much efficency may not be a good thing.

Anyway, I visited Bamberg on a day trip. It is a Unesco World Heritage, and it was for this reason that I went there. It is a bigger town but most parts of it are not particularly interesting. Only when one got to the centre could one see that there is something special. The old Town Hall, the Altes Rathaus, was built essentially on the river and there are scenic views of the canals and the buildings besides it. On the left bank of the river, there is a large catheral, the Dom, with some traditional buildings around it. Whilst Bamberg is a better preserved town in Germany as it was not touched by the World Wars, I would not say the town is, from a tourist perspective, particularly interesting, given that it being a Unesco site. Maybe some experts out there would explain why a particular place would be designated as a World Heritage. I am just an amateur tourist!

In conclusion, my travel in Germany was fairly comfortable, with the good tourist infrastructures and the efficient transport system. Most people I encounted were helpful and friendily and language difference did not appear to pose a problem. It should be a typical travel experience in the developed world.

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River Regniz and the Old Town


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