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August 27th 2006
Published: September 11th 2006
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Schloss NeunschwansteinSchloss NeunschwansteinSchloss Neunschwanstein

Looking at this castle, anyone could be excused for believing in fairytales, even if it is only for a split second.
My first stop after finishing in Bremen was Augsburg where there are another 7 RMIT Aero students working. Augsburg itself was a cute little town, it seemed quite traditional and as a result had plenty of fashion shops selling the traditional Bavarian costumes. Augsburg was also a great base for visits to Munich and while there I made a couple of trips there.

One of the things I saw there was the Deutsches Museum because everyone had told me it was a must see, I even heard rumors that someone I know took 3 days to see it because it was so big. I can’t believe how huge the place is and the collection is pretty amazing but unfortunately it is one of the few poorly translated attractions in Germany. For the most part there was no English translations which became quite frustrating because I know that I would be interested in most of the information. The other trip I made into Munich was to see the GKN Munich site which was very interesting and also to see a friend I used to work with at GKN, Akilan. I am still finding it hard to believe how small the world
Neunschwanstein CourtyardNeunschwanstein CourtyardNeunschwanstein Courtyard

It’s a bit sad that King Ludwig spent 17 years building this beautiful castle and to have only be able to enjoy it for a few months before his ‘mysterious’ death.
is and how many people from Oz I have bumped into in Germany!

Schloss Neunschwanstein

But the definite highlight of my trip to Bavaria was seeing Neunschwanstein! One of the big things in my Excel sheet when I arrived in Germany was to see the castle that the Disney one is based on, on and I am happy to say that I got to see it. I don’t know what I liked more about it, the castle itself or the surroundings!

When you see pictures of the place in postcards you think that it must have been photo shopped to some extent but its just as pretty in real life. The castle from the outside is just the sort of place I would have imagined myself going to for a royal ball when I was a kid 😊. However, I would not say the same for the inside. Sure the detail and the paintings and that crazy gothic bedroom (14 carpenters spent 4 yrs on that room!) are all really impressive but it’s just too dark for me and surely didn’t fit in with my childhood imagination. It is rather ironic that that this is the
The walk up to NeunschwansteinThe walk up to NeunschwansteinThe walk up to Neunschwanstein

The scenery on the walk is impressive on its own.
Castle that send Bavaria broke at the time of its construction but that today it is the number 1 money earner for the Bavarian Tourist industry.

But if you are in Munich and decide to and visit this Castle (& u definetly should), I recommend you take Mike’s Bike Tours. Sure it costs a little more than going by train but by train you also have to put up with numerous changes and on the bus you get entertained by being told all the history surrounding the castle and crazy King Ludwig. And upon arrival you get to go on a bike ride around the very pretty Swan Lake 😊.

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Bike Ride around Swan LakeBike Ride around Swan Lake
Bike Ride around Swan Lake

Some of the RMIT students doing an intership in Augsburg: Melving, Deep & Seb
The Bike Ride around Neunschwanstein The Bike Ride around Neunschwanstein
The Bike Ride around Neunschwanstein

I managed to end up with a bike called ‘Wild Thing’
Schloss Neunschwanstein InteriorSchloss Neunschwanstein Interior
Schloss Neunschwanstein Interior

Every single centimeter of this place that has been as perfectly painted and decorated
The Parent’s CastleThe Parent’s Castle
The Parent’s Castle

The castle in which King Ludwig grew up in. Allegedly he choose the site for his castle, Neunschwanstein, because the site was the view from his bedroom window.
Mary´s BridgeMary´s Bridge
Mary´s Bridge

The bridge that allows you the spectacular view of Neunshwanstein
Seb´s Pink BikeSeb´s Pink Bike
Seb´s Pink Bike

Boys, in Germany this sort of thing is perfectly acceptable :)

The town I stopped over in to see my RMIT friends doing internships there.

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