Cruising the Black Forest on E-Bikes

Published: July 27th 2019
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Yes, you read it correctly, we rented E-Bikes “Electric Bicycles”. I’ve always wanted ride bikes is Europe, they have a network of bike paths that is amazing. You can tour most of, if not all of Europe on bicycles and I’ve always wanted to. Well, easier said than done, I’m not as good on a bicycle as I used to be. So, I had resigned that it might never happen, then comes along someone and invents E-Bikes. There is a GOD!

Kirsten and I rented bikes and toured the Black Forest for 6, Yes, Six hours. It was great! We road for 40 miles stopping and sight-seeing and eating Ice cream and refueling with cool beers. We rode mostly alongside the river Kinzig. Sometimes in the shade, but mostly in the sun. The high today was 98 degrees, but the wind in your hair (well Kirsten’s hair) .... it was not that bad.

Kirsten packed us a lunch, I took a nap under shade trees. The electric part of the bike made it so much more pleasant. Yes, some cyclists might look down their noses at me, however it was extremally helpful with the head winds and over the hills. I can see an E-Bike in my future, maybe I might find one under this year’s Christmas tree.

After a long day of cycling we returned to our apartment and cleaned up, we tried again to find that restaurant that is supposed to be SOOO good. It took us an hour and after two wrong turns we found it. Maps isn’t that good if you don’t have signal.

Finally, we found it... It was worth the effort. Our meals were delicious, and the beer was even better.

We arrive back at our apartment and Kirsten declares Wednesday is a rest day.

LOL... We’ll see, everyone knows Kirsten has the go-go when on vacation.

Good Night...

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27th July 2019

Reading Your Blog, I can smell the fresh air!!! This makes me jealous. Thank You, it's most enjoyable to read the news from Your outings. Love You, take care.

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