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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt January 5th 2015

On 20th December I flew to Germany to spend the Christmas holidays with my family and friends. Mizzi welcomed me in Hamburg before she flew to Spain for Christmas and I flew to Stuttgart. I had two great weeks there. It was wonderful to have some more time with my mum, but also to see my uncles, aunts, and cousins in Tübingen, whom I had not seen for a year. Of course, as always in my family, we had a lot of food. Very good food, of course, including traditional Swabian dishes like Kässpätzle! Also I saw my good old friend Marie and met her little daughter who was born in August (her second child, but I still remember going on holiday with her when the two of us had only just acquired our driving license, ... read more
Snow in the forest
Snow in the vineyards

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt March 30th 2013

“Der Frühling Kommt,” declared the banner hung in front of Remstalkellarai. The prolonged winter shows no signs of thaw but it’s time to explore the huge underground cellars of the local winery and revel in its exotic collection. Ingrid and Hakan Olofsson have invited Delma and me to the tour. The couple has already given us a taste of the region’s famed wines in our last evening as guests in their loft at Beutelsbach. Remstalkellarai has the largest wooden-barrel cellar in southwest Germany, Olofsson had told us, pouring a glass of Fellbacher Weingartner, which comes from another winery in the Rems Valley. The evening was a lesson in history and culture. We learned that the statue near the village square commemorates the 16th century peasant rebellion. We discussed the idea of converting kindergartens to ... read more
Wooden wombs
Bacchus and disciples
Mysteries of red

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt November 14th 2010

Believe it or not. I spent TWO months in a row in Hamburg. And I had a great time. I might have mentioned it before , but the city is really a beauty. So much to see and do. And it was great to have my mum around for a couple of days, and to spend weekends with my friends Hetty and Christiane, whom I hadn’t seen for a long time because they are just as busy as I am. Let me introduce the city to you. As there is a lot of water, you can do different boat trips. There are two rivers, one of them is the Elbe, which is a large river that has only about 100 km to go from Hamburg until it joins the North Sea. As far as I know, ... read more
The dune in Boberg
Boat trip on the Alster channels I
Boat trip on the Alster channels II

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt June 7th 2010

As you might recall, Mike Harker flew from Tegelberg last month. He said it was going to be his last flight. He sent me two pictures, one that shows him when getting ready for launch, and one that shows him in the air with the Seedwings Space. There was a little documentary on that last flight on German TV, nice one. Have a look url= Go to the bottom of the screen and click on "Sport Aus Aller Welt" and then in the time line to about half way. His flight flim is the last minute of the broadcast. There is also an interview with him and a report on his flight from Zugspitze in 1973 and his bad accident in 1977 url= read more
Mike Harker in the air

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt October 24th 2009

Ever tried travelling on crutches? I did. It requires some logistics and is exhausting, but it works. And I was glad to get moving again. The first Saturday in September, I travelled to Bonn to see my friends Katrin, Simone, and Anke. I went by train, and as I needed my hands for my crutches, I took two backpacks for my luggage and carried one in my front and one in my back. My friends picked me up at the Bonn train station, and we had a great day together. The next day, which was a Sunday, I participated in a triathlon relay with the three girls and some of my former colleagues from the Bonn office. There were five teams of colleagues altogether. The triathlon consisted of 500m swimming, 20km cycling, and 5km running. Fortunately, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt September 3rd 2009

On Thursday, my mum, my aunt Lore, and I left for Bayreuth, which is about 300 km from here, to attend the Bayreuth Festival. It is a very famous festival, where operas by the German composer Richard Wagner are played. We spent the night in a very nice hotel, and the next day, we were picked up at the hotel by a shuttle bus at three p.m. Wagner's operas are very long, that's why they usually start in the afternoon. We were to watch "Tristan und Isolde", which would take around four and a half hours. The festival house is situated in a beautiful park, and we walked around that park a bit while waiting for the opera to start. The festival house is very functional. Wagner himself made all the specifications he wanted for that ... read more
Mum & Katha
Mum and my aunt Lore

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt August 22nd 2009

I don't have much to tell you at the moment. Just wanted to let you know that I'm getting better and better. I'm still on crutches and will be for another week. Then, I'll have an appointment in my hospital again and see how well the leg healed. I was discharged from hospital four weeks ago. The leg was really sore and kept me awake for many nights during my first two weeks at home. Painkillers didn't help. But the last two weeks were okay. It is still sore, but a lot better now. I go to physiotherapy three times a week and to manual lymphatic drainage twice a week. The latter is really nice, it is supposed to reduce the swelling in the leg, and it is a very soft massage. I have to see ... read more
Lago d'Iseo 2
Lago d'Iseo 3
Lago d'Iseo 4

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt July 17th 2009

Last Friday, I picked up my friend Rebi in Ulm, and then we drove to Regina's place which is not far from Munich in a most beautiful area. We were looking forward to a true girls' weekend. Regina had cooked lunch for us, and after lunch, she showed us around the - as I said before - beautiful area. We hiked up the Blomberg, a mountain that she flies from quite often. The mountain is about 500 metres high, and we walked all the way up without making a break. I did pretty well, did not even have sore muscles after that and was really proud of myself. Regina showed us the two launches and explained what flying from that mountain is like. For the way downhill, we chose a summer bobsled track. It is pretty ... read more
Rebi launching
Rebi in the air
Regina & Rebi

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt July 9th 2009

Sorry for not giving an update for such a long time. I was just so busy that I didn't have the time. We had two more tasks from Aspres. On Wednesday, a 104 km task was set at first, but they changed it again to a shorter one of 89 km due to the cloud development. The pilots didn't even get to fly that task - the overdevelopment was so severe that the task was stopped before the first start gate opened. The next day, pilots were sent from Aspres to Sigoyer (to the southeast), Malaup, Longue Dent, back to Sigoyer, to Mison, and finally to Ribiers. We got everyone off the hill within only 40 minutes - best time ever! I drove more or less straight to goal so that I would be able to ... read more
Now where the hell...
Japanese pilot

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Weinstadt April 16th 2009

English Rehabilitation is hard work, believe me! And learning to walk again is not easy. After being discharged from hospital, I started ambulant rehabilitation. Three times a week, I go to a rehab place not far from where I live. When I'm there, I do physiotherapy, gym, and exercises in the pool. Physiotherapy takes half an hour. I'm alone with the physiotherapist, and she gives me workouts especially for the muscles in my pelvis, bum, and legs, and for coordination. It is really hard work. After that, I go to the gym for more than one hour and work on machines in order to build up all my muscles again. The exercises include the crosstrainer and treadmill. Finally, I go into a 36°C warm pool for some more exercises, in a group this time. As I ... read more
Daffodil in our garden
Tree in our garden
More daffodils

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