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July 17th 2009
Published: July 17th 2009
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Sand in TaufersSand in TaufersSand in Taufers

The castle sometimes looks really unreal - most amazing!
Last Friday, I picked up my friend Rebi in Ulm, and then we drove to Regina's place which is not far from Munich in a most beautiful area. We were looking forward to a true girls' weekend. Regina had cooked lunch for us, and after lunch, she showed us around the - as I said before - beautiful area. We hiked up the Blomberg, a mountain that she flies from quite often. The mountain is about 500 metres high, and we walked all the way up without making a break. I did pretty well, did not even have sore muscles after that and was really proud of myself. Regina showed us the two launches and explained what flying from that mountain is like. For the way downhill, we chose a summer bobsled track. It is pretty different from the one that I know from Tegelberg where you can just keep putting on speed without being in danger of derailing. Here, you get pretty fast, and the sled is definitely in danger of derailing once you are fast enough. I went after Regina and Rebi, pretty slow, I reckon I'm still a bit overcautious...

The weather was forecast to turn bad
Rebi launchingRebi launchingRebi launching

... Sand in Taufers, South Tyrol
again, so on Saturday, we went to Sand in Taufers in South Tyrol, about three hours from where Regina lives. The girls were hoping to get some good flying. I can't fly yet, so I had offered to drive for them. In Sand, we saw Lukas who had been there for a week already with a bunch of students. We also saw Sascha, whom I know from one of my first hanggliding courses, when he had just started to get back into hanggliding again after a hanggliding accident. Guess what he had broken? His PELVIS. We had been on Skype every now and then, and it had been very interesting to learn how he had dealt with the accident. Anyway, I hadn't expected him to be there, so this again shows how small our little hanggliding world is.

Flying conditions were not good, hardly any lift, and even getting a few metres above launch was almost impossible. So Rebi flew her paraglider that is always quick and easy to set up, but Regina couldn't be bothered rigging her beautiful new hangglider. In the end, she had a flight with Rebi's paraglider. She hadn't flown a paraglider for about ten
Rebi in the airRebi in the airRebi in the air

years, so Rebi showed her how to hook in and get ready. A paragliding instructor sitting up at launch watched the whole scene a bit sceptical, so Regina pointed out that she had an endorsement for flying paragliders.

She did really well - a good launch, and then she even managed to get up a little bit and stay in the air longer than all the other pilots around.

In the evening, we had dinner with some other pilots that were around, and Sunday, we went back to Regina's place in the early afternoon. I dropped Rebi off in Ulm and went back home.

My week was filled with appointments - doctors, rehab... At least one appointment per day, most of the time even two or three. I tried to squeeze in as much work as I could, and do some paperwork that also needs to be done, so altogether my week was really busy. But I was happy after the beautiful weekend with the girls.

By the way, Rebi has posted a video of Regina's flight on YouTube.

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Regina & RebiRegina & Rebi
Regina & Rebi

Regina beaming with joy after landing in Rebi's paraglider

18th July 2009

Also ich finde die Vorsicht auf der Sommerrodelbahn war nicht übertrieben...*hust*... ;-P
21st July 2009

Re: A girls' weekend
Ach naja, als alte Frau wird man halt doch mal "vernünftig", wenigstens versuche ich es, mal mehr, mal weniger erfolgreich ;-)

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