Day 14: When pictures and reviews don't match

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November 19th 2018
Published: December 1st 2018
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review photo to mine photoreview photo to mine photoreview photo to mine photo

Can you guess which is which?
We were determined to get one true hike in during this portion of our trip. The Stuttgart hikes while nice did not actually hit the points of intention and getting lost prevented a full loop completion. We had until our train left at 13:00 to get this done. We picked out the Bad Urach Falls located 37 minutes outside of Tubingen. Fritz and Lea thought we were NUTS for squeezing in one more thing, but when has that stopped us before... 5:30 AM alarms went off and 6:15 we were on the road (the car return time was by 9:00 AM). We found the place pretty easy...check 1. It was still dark and after looking at 4 different signs and having the parking meter eat our money we were still no more certain on where to hike. So of course we took off in the only direction we know...UP. What should have been a 1.8 km hike turned into a 4 km hike, but WE MADE IT! Unfortunately for us, it hadn't rained for many weeks and what should have been a powerful water was...but a trickle. I think in the picture you can't even see the water. The joke was the water pressure of our shower was better than the waterfall. The extra distance added to the route required us to run back to the car, but we ended up making it to the car rental place with 3 minutes to spare. However, the adventures were far from over. The children Shelby's work needed to get their sweets from England and Germany as they were taking up too much bag room, so we headed out on foot to the post office. 3 wrong turns, a hike through the woods, a jump through a creek lead us "directly" to a closed post office. No worries for a couple belated birthday cards and write a couple letters in the cold helped pass the time. By the time we finally made it back to pack, it should have been nap time, but thus is the life of the traveling vagabond. As we headed to the bus stop, Fritz's roommate Michel offered us a ride in a car that the 3 of us probably weighed more than, but it was way better than sitting in the cold and maneuvering through the bus. Off to the airport of Stuttgart to fly to Barcelona and then bus into France!


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