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January 15th 2015
Published: January 15th 2015
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Sorry anybody who likes to keep up to date with my blog. I have been very bad at keeping it updated. I am determined to keep going though; as I don't want to be one of those people full of excitement for two weeks, then forget I was ever doing it.

I am now in my second week back in Germany, after two and a half weeks back in Britain. I expected my return home to be really exciting and sentimental; where I would get off the plane whilst the national anthem is playing, and to be greeted like The Beatles, having thousands of screaming people expecting my arrival. Instead, it was a more German affair. I sat next to a German boy on the plane home and spoke German with him for an hour and a half. Then, as I got off the plane, a 16 year old girl said to me, "Sprichst du Deutsch?", to which I replied a tired "ja". She then told me that she was German and was staying in London for Christmas, so could I help her through the airport, as she had never flown alone before. So then for the next forty-five minutes I was talking German to this girl; who I also then had to go to the Bureau de Change with and change all her money up for her. I go a bit worried walking through Customs that she might have slipped some drugs in my pocket to carry it through for her, and that's why she was being so friendly to me. I finally left her when she found the person who she was staying with. Before she left, however, she said "can I hug you?". There are probably family members of mine who I have never hugged, but after 45 minutes with her, we were hugging like there was no tomorrow. It was then that I realised that I was in England. I could speak English. I could do English things if I wanted to. Unfortunately there were no queues around for me to stand in, so I had to put up with apologising to and thanking the airport staff as much as I could. So, then I spent two and a half weeks back home, which was great. I saw family and friends and did all the traditional things you do when you've been away from home for a while.

But now I am back. Back again. James is back. Tell a friend. Although I was enjoying being back at home, and at times I thought that I could easily stay a few more weeks, when I got back to Germany I was pretty happy. Back in my room, back to work, back to recycling everything possible.

I've been quite busy since I have been back anyway. I've met up a few times with the other assistants who live around here, and we have gone out and about. Yesterday, three of us went to Tittisee-Neustadt. I would make a proper obvious joke about the name, but I feel that I am above it and won't sink to that childish level... (haha titties). So anyway, we went to the Schwimmbad place there, which was actually really cool. There are three parts to it: the normal (but a lot nicer than your average) pool, the waterslide park and the spa place. As it is well know that the Germans love getting naked, we avoided going to the spa, but we used the pool and waterslide park. The pool is beast, cos you get to swim from inside through a little door into the outside. So yesterday it was snowing, and we were in a warm pool swimming around in the snow. There is also a smart bar which is in the pool, so you can sit there and drink the day away whilst getting all wrinkly. The waterslide park bit is also cool. The only downside was that as we were walking up the stairs to the slides I noticed there were drops of blood on the floor. I turned to the guys I was with and said "eurgh, look, some skank is bleeding all over the floor". Then we got to the top of the slides and the man who worked there looked at me and said "Haben Sie eine Verletzung?" ("are you injured?"). I then turned my foot over and there was a deep cut on my toe dripping blood all over the floor. I then had to stand at the top of the slide with the man and wait for First Aid. A poor Putzfrau had to come up and clean all the blood up from the stairs and where I had been stood, and the man had to put plasters on for me. All these nosy Germans stood in the queue were staring at me as this gloved man wrapped plasters around my injury. Besides the blood it was a good day.

Work is also going well. I am now staying in Germany until the end of July, because my placement in France fell through. I am a little disappointed that I can't go to France, but I have everything so good here that it would also seem stupid to leave it all.

Anyway, I have an essay to write for my university. The one piece of work that I have had all year and I'm already cba to do it. The German hard-working attitude hasn't reached me just yet.

Bis gleich,



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