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July 24th 2009
Published: July 24th 2009
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Well Lori and I have discussed going to see the Tour De France since we both watched it when she was in the 3rd grade. A lot of issues have always stood in the way but this year it looked liked the stars aligned and we’re doing it.
We left early to go to the Orlando airport knowing we wouldn’t get on the first flight. Well we got seats on the first flight and we were in Atlanta by 11:00. We quickly headed to the Delta departing flight boards to see which gate we were to leave out of and our flight was not yet updated. I told Lori it’s in “Concourse E” my favorite place when I travel through Atlanta. Lori quickly corrected me saying no it’s laving from “Concourse T” look at your boarding pass. I quickly corrected her that has to be a mistake and we headed to Concourse E. Well long story short, I enjoyed sitting at the food court and yes Lori was correct.
We got on our flight and were pampered by Bea all the way to Frankfurt. Thanks Bea, Lori and I owe you.


24th July 2009

Safe Travels
We all enjoy living vicariously through you all, keep it up so we can follow your lead. Love you and enjoy! ps. I love Channel, say hi to Coco for me!
24th July 2009

Great picture! You two look very happy :) I have already read your next blog as well, kind of going backwards here. You guys have had a busy time so far, and most of it revolved around getting lost......lol! I bet you miss your Kisti! Tell Lori I said she hi. Stay safe Much love Eve.
24th July 2009

Tour De France
Oh wow! What a great beginning. Your pictures are fantastic of your trip. I'm sorry I won't be here when you return to hear the "show and tell" part . Oh yes, I've been walking in the mall. Too hot out side, Thursday afternoon it was 95 degrees. I certain with the heat index it was over 100.

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