If a baseball game happens in the night, does anyone care enough to spoil it for me?

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October 17th 2008
Published: October 17th 2008
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The great thing about being in Germany is that absolutely no one cares about baseball. Sure that means you can´t find a sports bar that would play the most historical single season game comeback but it does mean I can succesfully sleep through the night, watch the game online and not know the outcome.
So I watched the game on delay, so it isn´t the same watching it on a computer, but I have the chewed fingernails to prove that I was just as nervous.
Down 7 nothing in the 7th, Big Papi returns. What made me cry for joy was the fumble on first. Everyone who watched has their own memories. It isn´t wrapped up yet. We still have 2 games to win but let us focus on Saturday.
There is nothing like watching the Sox in Boston but it is great to just be able to watch it at all. You will see it Saturday, I will be here Sunday. So DON´T CALL ME!!


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