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August 22nd 2006
Published: August 23rd 2006
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I stroll through town with no specific destination in mind. After all, I have mainly returned to this town to photograph it. Ladenburg is referred to as Römerstadt Ladenburg, which simply means it’s a Roman town. It’s a fairly small town located off Autobahn 5 near Mannheim.

It’s a typical Germany day: overcast and rainy. Luckily it only drizzles on and off because I have forgotten my umbrella. The sun actually came out for a bit, but that didn’t last long.

We were originally taken to this town by a friend to visit a restaurant called Die Kartoffel, meaning The Potato. It is a steak-on-a-stone restaurant, which means you can order various meats that arrive on the table raw but sitting on a steaming stone. The food cooks in front of you and you are provided with several dipping sauces. I assume the name of the restaurant comes from the potatoes they serve covered in some sort of sour cream mixture - they’re huge and very tasty.

There are people walking the streets and bicyclists passing me, but somehow the town seems very quiet and very still. Many cafes are unprepared for visitors with the chairs still stacked upon the table at midday. The air is somewhat heavy and I don’t spend too much time in any one place.

I make the mistake of buying a bottle of water from a Schlecker convenience store that is full of carbonation. Instead of quenching my thirst it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I retreat to a bench in front of a church to write in my journal for awhile as it has stopped raining. Eventually, the grayness and the wind chase me away.

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An AlleywayAn Alleyway
An Alleyway

What would a German town be without a Doner Kebab restaurant? And did you notice the Woolworth's?

25th August 2006

I don't understand the fascination with carbonated water! Marketing?
25th August 2006

Great job!!
I'm new at this but wanted you to know that I felt like I was there when you were describing your adventures. LUV
28th August 2006

Nice Blog little sister. I subscribed and await your next entry.

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