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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz May 17th 2018

Après avoir quitté Markus nous voici repartis afin de rentrer prochainement à la maison. On reprend un peu la route qu'il avait pris pour aller au Lac de Constance mais nous décidions de nous arrêter à Constance, qui est une très belle ville également. La ville est située sur la rive occidentale de l’Obersee (partie supérieure du lac de Constance) et du Seerhein (« Rhin du lac », c’est-à-dire la portion du fleuve faisant la liaison entre Obersee et Untersee, la partie inférieure du lac). Le climat est modéré par la présence du lac ce qui permet de cultiver la vigne (vins blancs). Au sud de la ville passe la url=https://fr... read more
01 De belles façades sur notre route

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz September 10th 2017

Am Samstag-Abend war ich dann noch in meinem schon bekannten Schweizer Restaurant und habe Raclette gegessen. Dabei dachte ich zuerst, dass ich nur einen Teller Käse bekommen würde, was ich etwas wenig fand, aber es waren dann doch drei. Beinahe hätte ich es zusammen mit dem Brot, den Kartoffeln, den Zwiebeln und den Gurken nicht geschafft. Es war das erste Mal, dass ich Raclette in einem Schweizer Restaurant gegessen habe. Meine Eltern hatten zwar ein Raclettegrill und ich habe an einem Markt in Basel mehrmals Raclette-to-go gegessen, aber das erklärt meine Überraschung, dass ich noch einen zweiten und dritten Teller bekommen habe. Am Sonntag habe ich wieder gut gefrühstückt, wobei ich wirklich die Gewohnheit der Hotel, zum Frühstück hart gekochte Eier anzubieten, nicht gut finde. Man hätte mir zwar weich gekochte gemacht, aber das hätte zu ... read more
Das Konzilsgebäude.
Das Münster.
Raclette am Vorabend.

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz June 30th 2017

Well, here we are back in Konstanz having completed the circuit of the Bodensee. We've clocked up almost 250kms, not gone very fast, got sore backsides from the uncomfortable seats, got too hot early on, witnessed thunderstorms, seen heaps of towns and villages, viewed wonderful buildings, enjoyed the lovely coastline, cruised through farmland and seen lovely gardens. We managed to get ourselves lost on 3 of the 5 days but there was always someone to point us in the right direction. The accomodation was excellent apart from one which may have suited some but not us. Breakfasts were always good and beds always comfy even if we did have to take out the duvee's from covers every night to keep cool. This trail is one for everyone. Many took their own bikes which would have been ... read more
Trail into Arbon
Garden flowers at Arbon
Sitting place past Romanshorn

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz June 25th 2017

Whew, what a hot night! We seem to be sweating and drinking continuously and never feeling cool - shades of our Danube cycle tour. We had a relaxing morning of breakfasting and chatting before downsizing our luggage to two smaller bags. It sure beats lugging around large suitcases and we won't need a lot of alternative clothing while biking. In the afternoon Marc delivered us to Konstanz where we couldn't find a park or the hotel. Going by the GPS we got as close as we could and Marc returned home. We headed off in entirely the wrong direction and after a couple of people if they knew our street and young German man accompanied us back the way we came and through a chaotic market to the Munster. From there we followed a map and ... read more
Roofs from the window with the Munster spire in the distance

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz September 25th 2016

A cycle around Lake Constance (Bodensee) I've been talking to some of our cycling friends about our recent trip to Lake Constance, and they suggested that I should write a few notes that might be of interest or help to anyone thinking of taking on the trip in the future. We had to do a bit of research about how to get there, the nearest airports, direct flights from Ireland, transport from the airport to the town of Constance and the start of our trail, planning a route, and finding accommodation where we thought we might stay during the journey. We intended to bring panniers, small enough for cabin-baggage, rent touring bikes in Constance, then hit the road. Lake Constance has borders with Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and is one of the biggest lakes in Europe. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz July 18th 2014

Mark another country off the board as "visited"! Today we ventured into Switzerland to marvel at the immensity and power of the Rheinfalls. These falls on the upper Rhine river allow 158,000 gallons of water to fall over 150 feet every second. This is the largest waterfall in Europe. We got an up close and personal view of the action. Our boat delivered us to a tall, rocky outcropping literally in the middle of the falls. Up the steep stairs we climbed to a viewing deck as the waters thundered around us. The spray was refreshing on this hot morning. The power of this tumbling water was mind boggling to behold. Back to the bus, and it was on to the city of Konstanz for lunch and shopping. Most never made it beyond the mall. Those ... read more
The Rock
Back Up
Looking Down

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz August 22nd 2012

Day 18: July 22 - Konstance to Meersburg: 15km. We rode to the ferry across Lake Constance (Bodensee) to incredibly beautiful city of Meersburg. On the ferry there is a charge but the person collecting money intentionally skipped us over (giving us the wink) which was nice :-) It was a short ride and when we got into town we saw our biggest hill climb yet up a cobblestoned rode. We wandered around below climbing the hill to ensure we were headed the right direction. Meersburg is a very marine themed city & on the waterfront was a 'very' whimsical sculpture, the likes that I've never seen. We headed up the climb and did the Castle tour. It was just amazing and definitely the highlight of the trip thus far for me, as I am a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz November 28th 2010

A light jolt makes me open my eyes and the slumber that I have been lost in for the past few hours is instantly lifted from my tired body. I sit bolt upright as I realise I am in the middle of a vast expanse of water, hemmed on one side by gleaming montain peaks. Little by little I become aware of my surroundings. I'm on a boat, to quote "The Lonely Island", or more accurately sitting inside a bus on a mini-ferry. In the middle of a lake. Discovering the joys of travelling from Friedrichshafen Airport to Kostanz, the Paradise Town on the Boden Lake. Actually, the word is "Paradies" - the residential area where my beloved cousin Eva lives in a flat intended for two people all by herself, her only neighbour being so ... read more
View of Boden Lake

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz September 16th 2010

After leaving Pfortzheim Ray and I have spent the last four days on bike paths staying in villages along the way. Pension one night, a gasthaus the next, hotel the next (Bad Tenach, Oberndorf, and Donaueschingen for the map nuts out there). We have been averageing about 50 to 70 k a day, but yesterday we did a nice 100 k in order to reach Konstance on the western end of the Bodensee. From here we plan (I say plan because screw-ups are easy) to take the ferry east across the lake to Bregenz in Austria, which is on the way over the Alps to Italy. Got to catch the ferry. Later... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz September 6th 2010

Konstanz is in Southern Germany on a huge lake (Lake Constance), that is in three countries: Switzerland, Germany and Austria. I arranged to meet three of my friends from Peru there and have a little reunion. Sebastian lives there and we stayed at his place. He met me from the station and we had some lunch, then went to meet Marlene (who I already went to see in Trier earlier in my trip), then later on Astrid arrived, on a boat from Austria. It was great to see them all! We walked around the old town, pretty old streets and a huge cathedral, the beautiful lake stretching into the horizon with the huge statue of a prostitute on the pier, which turns around so you can see her from all angles. Great symbol for a city! ... read more

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