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August 27th 2006
Published: September 3rd 2006
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Valley ViewValley ViewValley View

Here you see Heidelberg and the surrounding Neckar River Valley from the vantage point of the Koenigstuhl.
Seth, Kalju, and I made a last minute decision to visit the Königstuhl when the clouds looked slightly less ominous than usual. We drove downtown to the Kornmarkt on the Hauptstrasse where we caught the Burgbahn. From this point in downtown Heidelberg, we board a railway car that takes about half way up the Königstuhl, or “King’s Throne,” the second highest hill in the Oldenwald Range at 568 meters or 1864 feet. Although, I’m not quite sure why it’s officially referred to as a hill, since everyone I know calls it a mountain, which seems more appropriate. But maybe it just seems that way to me because I’m from Florida.

The second vehicle was much like the first, with staggered levels so that the trip up the mountain (hill) was made with one sitting level, as opposed to leaning back as one might on a roller coaster. This effect made the ride much more enjoyable. However, where the first railcar was modern and covered in large glass windows and steel railings, the second railcar, the famed Funicular Railway, looked like something from the 19th century, except the wood was newly painted.

The ride was much quicker than we anticipated
Going UpGoing UpGoing Up

Between the trees you can see the Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church)on Heidelberg's Hauptstrasse. We were about one third up the mountain at this point.
and there were people all around, but we took our time exploring the summit, appreciating the view of the town far below us, and walking along the wooded paths nearby. We also discovered we could have reached this destination by car. It was very windy and a bit foggy, so after a short walk in the woods we retreated within the famous Königstuhl Restaurant for lunch. We were quite unimpressed by the condition of the interior, but it seems people here have different expectations of restaurants than we do, which pertains solely to food and has little to do with appearance. The food was ok.

The sky quickly became very dark and it began to rain again. So we rushed back to the railcar, waited a long time in line to board again, and then finally reached the ground level of Heidelberg again. By this time the sun had come out once more, so we walked around the Hauptstrasse a bit before returning home to barbeque some steaks.

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The Funicular RailwayThe Funicular Railway
The Funicular Railway

This was the second railcar we boarded, which took us up the second half of the track.
Seth & Me & HeidelbergSeth & Me & Heidelberg
Seth & Me & Heidelberg

Here we are at the top of the Koenigstuhl with Heidelberg below us.
The Path We FollowThe Path We Follow
The Path We Follow

Here is a chart that shows the path of the burgbahn from the Kornmarkt to the summit where this picture was taken.
The Station House That Sits AboveThe Station House That Sits Above
The Station House That Sits Above

This shows the railway station of the Koenigstuhl as well as the train tracks leading down the mountain to the town far below.
A Different ViewA Different View
A Different View

This was taken from one of the walking paths that leads down to town.
The Heidelberg Castle (from below)The Heidelberg Castle (from below)
The Heidelberg Castle (from below)

This was taken after we had returned to the Hauptstrasse and were back at river level. I don't see these trees in bloom very often, so I thought it would be nice to have a photo of the Heidelberg Castle from this angle.

15th September 2006

Me too
Wish I was there too.
28th September 2006

You two look so cute.... Heidelburg looks gorgeous. Can't wait to visit. it looks so peaceful...

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