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September 3rd 2008
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Guten Tag!!!

So I really need to come to terms with the fact the 1 and 2 euros come in coin form. I finally bought a coin purse today for all of the change I have that is almost 10 euros worth, which is enough for dinner around here. At IES we filled out paperwork for about two hours for residency permits, therefore I am officially without a passport for 2 weeks. This is unfortunate because there is a trip to France this weekend, but I think I can get it worked out. I have not spent very much money, which I guess is a good thing.

After the paperwork today my classmates and I had coffee at the Caféhaus. I had Milchkaffee in der Schale, which basically is coffee with cream in a bowl. I am really liking how Freiburg is so pedestrian friendly, which is difficult to find in the US. I got some really good pictures of the Münster in downtown Freiburg and it was amazing. Around the church is a beautiful farmers market with the best black raspberries. I was excited to experience some unique German fare there for only 2 euros. The fun came to an end, however when it was time to take a placement exam for our pre-session.

I am constantly amazed by the beautiful scenery and the large amounts of people everywhere. It is vastly more crowded here than I imagined, but that adds to the liveliness that is Freiburg. A lot of the younger people around here are very helpful when they see you are struggling to get your point across, which is not what I expected at all. It rained here today like it would never stop, but the rain was refreshing because it brought the temperature down substantially.

Classes start tomorrow, so naturally I have to get a good night's rest. Wiedersehen!!!


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