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February 12th 2011
Published: February 12th 2011
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Panorama Trinkhalle

I've visit Baden Baden to have a look around and it is where I am now learning German. Baden Baden is a tourist town built around the natural hot springs. The Romans had a lot to do with the set up but it seems that the Russians have moved in now to run things. For a tourist town, you would think that you would be met with smiles and helpful people. On the contrary. When you walk the beautifully kept streets and view the magnificent old architecture, you'll feel a coldness. And it has nothing to do with the weather. There are many people walking the streets wearing their fur hats and coats and stone cold expressions. Just today I watched a tourist couple asking people for directions on the map they were carrying. The look of disgust from the high school student who, shock horror, had to speak English to the tourists, was sad to watch. You'd be mistaken to think that he was asked to cut off his right hand. Not a good representative for the German people.

But this is mostly on the surface. In a few short weeks I have found
Interest facade. The upper floor is painted on. Interest facade. The upper floor is painted on. Interest facade. The upper floor is painted on.

That is, the windows, the men on the plank, and all else you can see.
some really incredible people. An openness that is surprising given the hard exterior.

I'm yet to test the waters of the healing spas. It's nudist too. Some days are reserved for women, some for men and then there are days of the week for the Open Nudist, both sexes. The day I walked in to get some information and prices, it was Open Nudist day. I asked if I could just have a look around. The answer was a clear, 'No'. Darn!

I'm not sure if Baden Baden have anything else to offer the tourist except for these spas. There are a few of them around the town. It is very beautiful, of course, but I'm learning more as I talk with the locals that there are quite a few healing centres and the odd psychiatric hospital too. So, it seems, that this town is more to recuperate after injury; to seek new medical treatments for chronic illnesses; traditional and holistic methods; and many wellness centres and spas for those who just need to unwind.

This is a wealthy area. You can recognise this in the clothing and the way people present themselves. The stores in the
Busker outside McDonaldsBusker outside McDonaldsBusker outside McDonalds

He didn't do much. Just stood there.
centre of town are quite beautifully decorated and laid out but beware of the expensive price tags. This is a 'window shopping only' area for the money conscious.

Additional photos below
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Strange 'War of the Worlds' structuresStrange 'War of the Worlds' structures
Strange 'War of the Worlds' structures

Actually urns out of reach.
He did say that he was smilingHe did say that he was smiling
He did say that he was smiling

A man promoting the Faberge' Egg Museum.
Cold CafesCold Cafes
Cold Cafes

Everyone is inside
On the bus to Baden BadenOn the bus to Baden Baden
On the bus to Baden Baden

A Where's Wally impersonator in blue instead of red and white. He even had the right glasses...if only he'd turn around.

13th February 2011

I looooove the blue plates at the stall, where can I get some shoe door handles and I want a house like the one that was painted so awesomly!!!!!
15th February 2011

smile darn ya, smile!
Wonderful pics. I love the stained glass for Christmas, and I would love a natural spring spa, that sounds gorgeous. We have those in NZ too, lots of 'em. I see what you mean about the facial expression - or lack thereof, what a breath of fresh air you would be in this part of the world. Great to see your smile girlfriend, beaming as always.

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