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July 30th 2009
Published: July 30th 2009
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Saturday the 11th of July 2009 Distance: 96km ! hours: 7!
HAd a big Breackfast We Biked towards Bacharach where a monument wherre Bluchers army crossed for the battle of waterloo (I wouldnt know that if it wasnt for the teachings of Mr Brown)
we had to massive Spagghetti icecreams at Bingen that were massive and delicous
went to Inglehiem and biked up a massive hill Like kellands hill but way longer to go to the Aurope folk festival i a castle ruin. It was really expensive and there was no avaliable acmmadation anywhere. wrongly Dad dcided to go to Mainz to find some accomadation instead of staying in a little village. we went to the station but the information was closed we found where the Youth Hostel was but it was really far away uphill. we decided to try h youth hostel but after lots of biking we admmited we were lost. Luckily we came across a biker who lived 500 metres away He led us through lots of bck strees and if it asnt for him we deffinitly wouldntve found it. After biking all that way we found out it was booked fullto the brim! we had to bike all the way back into the city centre and asked at lots of Hotels but the were all full. Finally we were sent all the way back t o the station and found a place at the Hotel Austria. we fell into our bedszzzZZZZ.

Sunday the 12th of July 2009 Distance: 31.7km hours:2,40
We walked into breakfast and my eyes just sbout poped out because there was so much food but I had to keep my enthusiasm within me and pretend to be calm and posh. I (politely) ate as much as I could we sadly left th comfoert of the Hotel. we cycled to the mainz Carnival Museum which was very fun and crazy and I would love to go to a festival one day. We went to th Gutetnberg press museum that was really big. 80% of it I understood but some of the different countries it was used in was a bit confusing. Biked to Singlingen to find accomadtation but found none some biked onwards to Hoest. we found accomadation on a boat on the Mainz river. There was a big carnival 500 matres away where we boughgt some food and and smelt all of the delicous foods.

Monday the 13th of July
I woke up and had breakfast on the front of the boat. We set off at 10 oclock and for the first time the weather was nice. The route through Frankfurt was really nice and shady oposite the big sky scrapers. we arrived at Selingen Stadt at 4 oclock and i found that I was really badly burnt. There was lots of old buildings and one dated back to 1107! OUr hosts name at our accomadation was Horst!


30th July 2009

Hey Luke
Hey Luke, You have been up to so much fun stuff! Lucky you! How is everything going? Sorry gotta go to chapel! Have loads of fun for me, Billy
30th July 2009

Hallo Radler Lukas
Hi Lukas , I have been reading your blog entries and one e-mail your mum forwarded to me. Wow!!! your are doing so great. What a wonderful holiday you are having. Hope you have time to take photos to show to us later. We want to read more, so the diary will have to be completed. Keep safe, look after your dad, and enjoy yourselves. Love from Verena in Timaru
31st July 2009

thanks bo bags just been to berlin that was sweet
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