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November 21st 2012
Published: October 1st 2017
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I spent the morning in the flat, working. It was okay because it was raining outside. In the early afternoon (around 12:30pm), we walked to the Musee D'Orsay. There was already a line, but Carol has a membership, so I was able to at least get to the ticket office without waiting in line.

The Museum is lovely on the inside, with the high, rounded ceiling and lots of glass. But it is also difficult to negotiate, with stairways, escalators, and hallways that don't link, and lots of areas closed off or walled up.

We went to see a few famous works but focused mostly on the Impressionists: Whistler's Mother, the Cathedrals at Rheims, some haystacks and water lilies. I pointed out a Monet, Le Pave de Chailly, and she said it was one that always struck her. We agreed that we both preferred it at a distance, but it is nice up-close, too. We made specific treks to find "The Origins of the World", which can only be described as a pussy shot ... Carol said the docent said this postcard was the museum's best-seller. We also made a trek to find Manet's Olympia, which I was particularly interested in, given the conversation in On Human Bondage. We saw some strange works by Cezanne from around 1866; never would have suspected they were by Cezanne.

At this point, Carol was not feeling well, so she returned to her flat. I revisited the Impressionist floor, to tour the paintings a bit more slowly. After, I passed through the three floors of Art Nouveau galleries ... lots of fun curling lamp-posts, but my favorite item was a small purple jar with a stopper that looked like swirling glass.

By this time, I wanted fresh air, so I went outside to walk up and down the Seine. I started by going towards the National Assembly, then across the bridge, up to Notre Dame, then back down the other side. The sun came out after a while, and I had a gorgeous day. Twice -- apart three minutes apart -- I was approached with old "I found a gold ring" trick. Amazing. I have to admit I laughed at them both; Carol said I should have sworn. But other than that, the walk was lovely. I was passed by honor guard on horseback ... don't know what they were out and about for, but it was fun to see them. They caught the attention of lots of people in offices, so it must not be too common for them to pass.

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