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November 26th 2014
Published: July 7th 2017
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Here's a list of food I ate that I can remember:

On the plane going: Pot Roast with salad and a lemon square for dinner and yogurt and lunchmeat for breakfast.

Saturday: Breakfast - Pain au chocolat and fresh orange juice at Cafe Kleber
Lunch - Ham and Cheese sandwich at the Eiffel Tower
Dinner - Cobb Salad and Pear Sorbet at Cafe Kleber

Sunday: Breakfast - Gaufre (waffle) at Versailles
Lunch - Crepe au chocolat and chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) at Versailles
Dinner - Hot dog covered with cheese at the boat tour

Monday: Breakfast - Ham and Cheese sandwich at Louvre
Snack - Crepe au chevre (goat cheese)
Dinner - Onion soup and escargots at Fleurus Cafe and Strawberry Sorbet at Kleber

Tuesday: Breakfast - Pain au chocolate and apple juice we bought the night before
Lunch - Cheese and fresh vegetable sandwich at Musee d'Orsay
Dinner - Quiche Lorraine at Cafe George V

Wednesday: Breakfast - Gaufre au Nutella and chocolat chaud near the Eiffel Tower
Lunch - Hot dogs and frites at the Eiffel Tower
Dinner - Chevre rotie Salad (salad with warmed goat cheese on country bread)
and fresh cream cheese with honey for dessert

Thursday: Breakfast - Pain au chocolate and orange juice at CDG
Lunch - Pasta salad at 7 Eleven in Copenhagen
Dinner - Beef Strogenoff with salad, roll, cheese and crackers and cheesecake
on the plane. The snack later was a Chicken Fajita with spicy tomato and
pepper wrap that I didn't eat but also a piece of chocolate and pear juice
box that were delicious.

My new favorite thing are the gaufres. These waffles are delicious with or without toppings. I like crepes, but I love gaufres. I did not eat anything that did not taste good. We ate breakfast later than I usually do each morning and some mornings it was way later if we couldn't find a place or got somewhere later than we thought, but it all worked out. Parisians eat their meals much later than I do so the cafes have not been busy when we have gone for dinner. The waiter we had Monday night at Fleurus Cafe was the same one we had Wednesday night and he remembered us so that was nice. All the food vendors and waiters and waitresses were very friendly and helped us to pronounce the French words. Everything was delicious and we walked so much it did not matter if we ate all the chocolate and bread that we did!


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