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September 25th 2012
Published: September 25th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Next morning saw me bright eyed and bushy tailed at the wonderful crap, the continetal breakfast table.

Croissants and coffe is for whimps and also leaves you hungry for more.

Latin countries do no have their shit together when it comes to breakfast.

They should all go to Germany and learn how to do it!!!!

The skies were filled with rain and soon enough it started to spill over, but yours truly had new rain gear so WTF a real man drives when it rains as well.

My manhood got proven over and over as the rain kept on raining sometimes hard, sometimes a drizzle.

My visor loooked like your bathroom mirror when you've had a loooong shower.

All villages looked dreary and when it's wet and you've only got two wheels, speed is not the rigth thing.

Especially when you can't see very well.

Into Switzerland , mucho difference in my foggy world!

This is problably a very nice trip when it's not raining, still I was hoping that it'd stop which it did, 4 hours later.

A lot later I needed to consult the map and also eat and use the little boy's room and Chambery seemed a good a place as any other.

I dismounted a nd set forth to infiltrate some place of comestives.

A Laotian restaurant looked the most promising and once I started to remove a lot of gear

their clothes hanger got filled up with my stuff which dripped water all over the place.

I had some food including rice and NO wine and enquired of my table neighbour where to go down in da Alps.

As always unprepared and as always thinking that adventures are not something you prepare for, they just happen.

I had read some travel story about driving in Med. Alps that used Barcelonnette as a staring point which according to the gentleman next to me was a good idea.

I thanked him and paid my dues and put on all my gear and went out into the rain again.

I did like Jack and hit the road, Grenoble next.

According to the maps a lot of mountains around but they choose to hide in the clouds, bugger.

In the end I got so sick of little grey villages and endless traffic lights that I hit the motorway for an hour.

As I sped south as quickly as I dared the skies seemed to lighten up.

Once in Gap the wind started to blow and in two shakes no more clouds and a dazzling blue sky and views of mountains, finally.

Gap an not one mm further as my posterior ahd had a severe case of the Djenghis khan treatment.

Gap seemed nice enough, found a nice hotel with a garage and after cleansing Miller time or rather Kronebourg time.

Sorry bout pics but my phone is less than water proof and I you want some pics of rain.....


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