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June 22nd 2012
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Hi All

Its been a fun week of putting some miles on the bike, working out the bugs and getting into a groove!

First day off the island we thought we lucked into a great biking book for the area we were in. After the first day of using the book and it taking us down whatt we thought was going to be a canal (turned into a single track mud bog after 15 km...no wind...28 degrees...with high fields around us so we couldn't get any bearings 😊. At the end of that day we ended up on a busy highway, so that book was quickly tossed and we just got a regular map!

Its been fun using the map because we have no plan so we get to a round about and make the decision about what way to turn! We never know what town or farm we are going to end up at each night so that's been fun arriving in a town and looking for a place to sleep. its worked out most nights...one night after a hot day and the kids were tired we saw a little homemade camping sign. We said we were going to camp there regardless and were pleasantly surprised after heading down a sketchy farm road. Hannah is loving the fact that we get showers every night and has said that going back to yukon camping on the dempster is going to be a shock.

I am loving looking at france through the eyes of a 10 yr old boy. I was giving my notre dame history speech and Derek was looking up at it in what i thought was awe. The next thing out of his mouth was "do you think white ones are the male pigeons?" A few days later I thought he was getting into the history a bit more when we were walking down this little narrow street and he said this is so cool! I was pleased until the next comment was " if ryan leech was with us he'd love all the skinnys and gaps" ( google him if you don't know who he is!).

Hannah loves to bike in quiet and mull things over as the fields and vineyards pass... Derek on the other hand loves to sing along the whole way and comment about it all. Once he was singing for a while about the cows he was looking at. I asked if all was going ok and he yelled out "me and my air guitar are doing great". I look back and there he is riding no hands playing guitar and singing! I have loaded him down with full panniers and sleeping bags now!

Weather has been good...always biking in shorts and tank tops between 20-28 degrees. Rain most nights but it makes sleeping in the tent much cooler.

Now in the Loire valley where it is going to be very easy biking for the next 4 days. Full bike trails and signs so on every path so no decisions to make. We will meet the guys in a week and take off down south.

Hope all is well with everyone and the Yukoners are now enjoying the sunny weather!

Love to all



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