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January 6th 2006
Published: February 21st 2006
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Hey Ho everyone,
Well it's been a while since i've added anything on here - mostly due to the fact that i'm so busy at the moment with uni and the fact that i've not been anywhere too exciting. That was until last month. After a hectic Christmas and New Year involving the usual shennanigans I headed off to Les Arcs in the South of France for 8 days with a bunch o people from uni. After a 36 hour bus ride we got there and boy was the discomfort worth it. When we arrived there was about 2ft of snow on top of most of the vehicals, it was dark but we were 1800ft up the side of a huge valley so could see all the lights over the whole area and everywhere was white.
As the main purpose of our trip was sking/snowboarding this was indeed a very good sign and since we get about 2cm of snow a year in Scotland I was soooooo excited.
Well we quickly settled in (after the initial hour we spent looking for our apartments) then headed for some food and beer. The Red Hot Saloon was to be our eatery for the
First day on the slopeFirst day on the slopeFirst day on the slope

Taking a little rest at the bottom of the bubble lift
next week - not through choice but hey its food and its free.
The next day Sun 8th we finally got to hit the slopes. The snow was really good and there was a huge selection of runs. It took a while to get used to snowboarding on snow as I'd only ever done it on a dryslope before. It wasn't long before I was getting my first ever few turns in and whizzing up and down the slope. The next challenge came in the shape of the chairlift. As all snowboarders know we have it a little bit tougher than the skiers on this one. Luckily i got off in one piece thanks to some random skier who pulled me off with his poles.
The rest of the week was spent on the slopes (mostly on my ass) exploring the mountains and taking in the breath taking scenery and gorgeous weather. Although it didnt actually snow anymore after we arrived there was still plenty to go around.
The evenings were spent doing random things one night we went to a mountain Fondue led down the hill by torch light procession it was really spectacular to see. Unfortunately my skills
First station Bubble LiftFirst station Bubble LiftFirst station Bubble Lift

Heres the first drop off for the bubble lift looking across the Alps
being quite non existent i took a tumble and my back gave way so i walked off the slope before jumping into the piste basher with the drunks for the final wee bit. I didn't mind the walk but the rest of the people i were there with had to snowplough the whole way down the hill and since most of them were pretty good skiers their legs were hurting by the end. It was greatly appreciated though and i'm sure everyone had a good time regardless. Other nights we had a carribbean theme, went sledging on shopping bags, had a school disco/superhero night and even venture to the local club "Apocolypse". It was a hilarious week and I spent most of it sliding down hills on my ass or doubled over in hysterics.
It was quite sad when the time came to leave and to be honest I coulda stayed much longer. The bus ride home was reasonably subdued (until we discovered some wine) then after more laughing, sleeping on the bus floor, sleeping through vital pit stops and dropping people off we got back to Stirling. All a little tired but it was definately worth while. Another top
Up Up and AwayUp Up and AwayUp Up and Away

Looking up from the first bubble station
class adventure.

Additional photos below
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Over the BalconyOver the Balcony
Over the Balcony

Looking over our balcony planning the next snowball attack on the guys downstairs.
Mountain FondueMountain Fondue
Mountain Fondue

heres Maureen and Patsy playing catch the potato at the Fondue Maureen actually managed it with her fork too. PS check the size of the cheese
School disco/superheroesSchool disco/superheroes
School disco/superheroes

Here's a few of us posing in our costumes
On route homeOn route home
On route home

In the main shopping/pub area on route home from Apocolypse
The view from our apartmentThe view from our apartment
The view from our apartment

Heres what we saw from our balcony every night the sun set
In the ice tunnelIn the ice tunnel
In the ice tunnel

Here's me pretending to be an elephant in the ice tunnel which was full of cool ice sculptures
Anyone at homeAnyone at home
Anyone at home

I decided to stick my head through a window of a wagon in the ice tunnel
The efalump The efalump
The efalump

Heres the efalump (and Patsy) pulling the wagon.
Pit stopPit stop
Pit stop

A few of the people streching there legs on the bus journey home
Gotta sleep somewhereGotta sleep somewhere
Gotta sleep somewhere

The bus was a little full so we took up residency on the floor and it was surprisingly comfy

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