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January 21st 2007
Published: January 23rd 2007
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View from the ChaletView from the ChaletView from the Chalet

Beautiful views on the first morning in the chalet (15th January)
I thought this wasn't bad, 2 countries within the first month, and I'm looking at a few weekend's away too...

Another trip well-organised by Jane (and Alex, although I think Jane sorts it all!)... to Chalet L'Ours (nearly 'because we're worth it' - no, not really!). 18 of us, all known to at least one other person in the group, but not necessarily to each other. Goes without saying that it was a good mix, and good to catch up with some of the previous year's crowd... such a good mix could always find someone to ski with!

We went to Les Arcs 2000, in the Haute Savoie region of France. Despite claims that the snow wouldn't be up to anything, it was fine.... if a little slushy in places. We spent most of the week looking for it to snow a bit more as it was a little icy (but been like that the last couple of times I've been, so not a lot new there!), then on the Thursday when it did snow, temperatures were so low it was more like rain and everyone got a touch damp (although my coat/saloupettes lived up to their claim to be waterproof
Sleigh RideSleigh RideSleigh Ride

Les Arcs 1950, found a free sleigh ride - another fun new experience
- hurrah!). We then wished that it would stop snowing, although when we heard that in the UK weather was atrocious, causing death, we thought we'd stop complaining!

Was a great week, private lesson with ESF was great, and skiing with loads more confidence by the end of the week... do I want to try and get my BASI as part of my year out - not convinced, think I'd rather stick to skiing for pleasure rather than instruction! Very few injuries all round, although lots of painful calves/thighs... although I hurt my knee (but got to go on the free Sleigh Ride because I took the afternoon off skiing) AND sprained both my thumbs at one point or another...

Chalet had access to a pool with mountain views, which was great... if a little chilly (especially accessing it via a concrete car-park, usually clad only in damp swimming costume/towel), and also took some time to read. Learning to chill, rather than skiing 9am (when the lifts open) til 4.45pm (when they close), although did a couple of days of that. Also took on some Apres-Ski, which was good - including the pub quiz (where Jonny, one of
Kath's BirthdayKath's BirthdayKath's Birthday

Nice surprise cake cooked by chalet hosts. Kath took up the offer of a massage on the Friday - apparently a v good combination with skiing!
the hosts, recognised me from when I worked in Winchester - how strange is that!), and the Raclette challenge against Ian (accompanied by starters/dessert also) - bit overfull that evening! Earlier that evening we had already been to a wine tasting at Arcs 1950 'Au Tour des Vins'. 5 Euro gets you 6 tastes of wine, and quiz entry, with questions along the lines of 'what region of Mexico do you think this grape comes from?', 'what wine does Victoria Beckham drink?' (the choices offered were not classy)... we fronted a team of 3 and a team of 4, and boths teams got 11 out of over 20... not bad considering most answers were along the lines of multiple choice a la school "oh, we haven't had an A for a while, let's try that"!

Always good to have a birthday on a skiing holiday (I have twice!), and this time was Kath's turn! The chalet hosts (Rob & Jess - who were fab, and cooked great meals), provided a great cake - which we sat looking at until Kath turned up - we did debate just taking a photo of it so she could see what she'd had and then eating
Batman and Scooby-DooBatman and Scooby-DooBatman and Scooby-Doo

Head out on the slopes dressed like this for night skiing - I think they were a little cold!
it, but that was too mean, so we patiently waited!! Good cake when it arrived...

Last day spent over in La Plagne with Hywel - great fun... we took in some views (lots of photos), skiied down some beautiful runs, and ran into Kath, Senthil and Gemma as we got back, so went for a 'cheeky little vin chaud' - very nice!

Additional photos below
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Pub QuizPub Quiz
Pub Quiz

Winners or losers?! Our chalet swept the board, winning "champagne" (hmm hmm) for the winning team (not us!), and shots all round for the losing team - that was us! We got the intelligent questions, but were struggling with TV soaps, etc.!

Not sure this is something we should be proud of - we finished our serving of Raclette!
Snow ConditionsSnow Conditions
Snow Conditions

Deteriorate - but at least not as bad as we heard it was in the UK

The chalet takes advantage of Happy Hour...
Final Day Skiing...Final Day Skiing...
Final Day Skiing...

Great views of the mountains, heading across to La Plagne
View from the VanoiseView from the Vanoise
View from the Vanoise

Double-decker cable car - world's only one?
The MountainsThe Mountains
The Mountains

They just make you take your camera out...
Vin ChaudVin Chaud
Vin Chaud

A requirement... for warmth, and the slopes don't look as steep!
Final Day...Final Day...
Final Day...

Look - no broken bones!!

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