Day 3 Skiing completed and came down the mountain in a blood bucket!

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February 13th 2014
Published: February 13th 2014
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Blood BucketBlood BucketBlood Bucket

Not they way you want to go down the mountain
Well started day three skiing well. I was parallel skiing and a quite a high speed and was really pleased with myself. Then on the last leg of the end of the lesson what happens I do not know. All I remember is tumbling down the mountain with one ski still on which is the leg I now have in a full leg brace.

So after the fall I could not get up as my knee was so painful that I could not even stand let alone ski down the mountain. So it was decided to call for the blood bucket which is a skiing paramedic with a stretcher at the back. After Frank (the paramedic) puts my leg in a blow up brace we manage to get me onto the stretcher and down the mountain I go. Now just think the mountain is not flat and has loads of bumps and mounds which when you are in excruciating pain it is not fun at all. So after getting down the mountain they then transfer me into an ambulance to the medical centre. Mean while Mike is waiting for me at the cafe we always meet at and probably wondering where the hell I am. My ski instructor Amanda rang Mike to meet up with him and bring him to the medical clinic. Don't think Mike was expecting that call!

Anyway after taking x-rays it appears all I have done is to stretch a ligament which is great news as the doctor said within 6 weeks I should be right as rain. I have a full leg brace which I have to wear for 2 weeks before moving to a smaller brace - I don't know how I am going to get on as I am not a good patient.

The good new is my x-ray showed that I have no arthritis or osteoporosis and my knees are of a 35 year old. If only the rest of me was the same age, ha ha

I am in quite a bit of pain so I have no idea what it would be like if I had actually torn the ligament or broken my leg.


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