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August 16th 2007
Published: August 21st 2007
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Today I was alone during the day once again, so I drove to the store and bought some lunch. I thought I was doing good to remember to buy the bag since they don't give free bags to put groceries in, but then when I got to the register, the girl told me that I had to get my fruit weighed by someone in the produce dept..OOPS..then when I got back in line and paid, I only had a 50 euro bill and she had to get change. I felt so bad but she was very nice about the whole thing. And driving is getting better. It's amazing to find out all the small things that everyone takes for granted. Going to the grocery store is such a normal thing to do, yet when I find myself in another country, I feel like I am a kid again! Learning how to speak, shop, drive, eat (eating with the fork in the left hand and using the knife much more than in America), etc. makes me feel like I'm having to re-learn how to live. It can be very intimidating at times, and I wonder if I'm really up for this. I think it would actually be easier (or should I say more comfortable) living by myself or with someone I know but I know that living with a family is probably the best way to become informed about the place. I'm just so used to learning on my own, and also having time to myself to explore and find things out on my own, that I feel very intimidated learning in front of two professional adults that I don't know. I'm sure this is all normal, but I haven't felt so incompetent in a long time.

When my host mother got home last night, she drove to the store and then I drove back, and it didn't die once. Thank goodness!!!! She said we can practice a little everyday and if I'm still not comfortable at the start of school, I can take the bus. Hopefully I'll get to practice a lot next week on my own so I can find my way around as well.


3rd September 2007

Keep writing the journals. They are very good.

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