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hello again. Alright. so monaco was amazing.. we started off walking around and going to the harbor. the boats at the marina were enormous. they were by far the largest boats i've seen. both sail boats and yachts. it was really amazing to see. from here we ate at a place near the monte carlo casino. i had some ravioli with truffle oil,, this was by far the most amazing food i'd had probably ever. it was great. a little pricey but well worth it. from here we went to the monte carlo casino. to get in you hav eto pay a 10 dollar cover and you have to have an id on you. they actually print your name on the ticket to get in. once in the place seemed surreal. it was really quiet and ... read more

Hey everyone. So the last two days I spent in the frech riviera, Nice to be exact. They were amazing. The first day we went on a walk around the city and ended in a flower market. Our hotel is only 4 blocks from the water. One thing about the water and beaches here tho is that they are pebble beaches not sandy. I guess this is cause this area is where three rivers empty into the mediteranian sea. Either way, the place is amazing and the views are unforgetable. The first night we ate some local food and met up at a bar called the three devils. We didn't stay long before going home to bed. The next day way by far my best day on this trip so far. We started out having breakfast ... read more

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Provence January 23rd 2010

Saturday 23.1.210 day 101 France - Montpellier We were so excited to cross the France border in to France today and have our first night in the French Riviera. We are looking forward to going exploring tomorrow in Montpellier, were we are staying tonight. Montpellier was a key centre for the crusade and has a crusade fort that I would like to see. ... read more
France Cot D'Azur 095
France Cot D'Azur 096
France Cot D'Azur 097

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Provence September 11th 2009

9/1/09 - Provence - Cote d'Azure A long driving day today to get from the Italian Coast to Provence, France. We took the high road which overlooks all of the ocean towns. Great views without having to deal with the traffic. We went by Portofino, Genova, and San Remo before entering the French Riviera. Each town trumped the other one in beauty. In France we overlooked Monte Carlo, Monaco, Nice and Cannes. We have both been to these places so we just wanted to get to Provence. We entered a region called Verdon which was called the Grand Canyon of France. We went from beach to huge rocky mountains in hours. We virtually had the roads to ourselves. It looked like Colorado, not France. The roads started to narrow and we got onto a smaller road ... read more
Castellane France
market day Verdon

Has been a while since I last updated. Sat here thinking where have we been?! Briefly visited the Camargue-white horses,flat land and flamingos. Headed for the coast next. Friends from home were holidaying in the south at Calalivere-Sur-Mer. Amelia and Marshall were both excited to meet up with friends from school. The drive there was to be a long one but the route we ended on was unexpected. We took a wrong turn and Sean recalculated and took us on the road La Mole. All the way up a mountain and down the other side! Double switch back bends with no barriers and only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. The view was breathtaking IF you could open your eyes! The car brakes were screaming by the end and so was Brian! Spent a ... read more
Camargue 002
Camargue 004
Camargue 008

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Saturday 18 April When we took a walk around our “block”, we noticed this; Sixten’s got a home! And a bed as well. We got really warm in our hearts and felt a lot better about leaving him. After all, we are heading north any day now. And Sixten will be staying in lovely Bonson, and enjoy his comfortable bed. Puh! What a relief! Yesterday we went to Carrefour and bought 40 bottles of “The Best of France”, according to us; bordeaux, champagne, rose, calvados. We put it in towels and sheets and stuffed it in every corner of the trunk… and dreamed nightmares about the car being stolen… We also had a last chance to reach Plan du Var, the goal of my dream. This time we thought it would be really easy. Close to ... read more
Enjoy your life here in Bonson, Sixten!
You've been a really good companion
The path along the river to Plan du Var

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Provence April 17th 2009

Friday 17 April We’ve had a couple of great days with our dear friends K and P. They arrived, in a rental car from Rome, a wet day, and left us on a wet day, but the three days in between was great. Sun and like 20 degrees. I finally got the opportunity to take a dip in the sea. It was really nice. Not exactly warm, but definitely warmer than Kivik in July 2007… And K and P didn’t just provide us with a great present (tickets to a summer concert with Thåström/Ternheim for the four of us), singing and a nice dinner, we got our first experience with riding a convertible! Just about time, isn’t it. Now we can cross that from our bucket list. We also tried the looooong path to Gilette, on ... read more
Salut! Good to have you here!
Time for a ride to the coast
First time on this road not driving

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Sunday 12 April Yesterday we got a visitor. Gustav. A member of the frog choir. We didn’t actually hear Gustav sing, he was quiet like a mouse. But his pals sang with strong voices. Just before we met Gustav we took a walk in the neighborhood, and noticed that the Mediatheque was open. We popped in and said bonsoir to the 5-6 people gathered in the tiny library. The librarian looked terrified and told us quickly “I don’t speak English”. I offered my usual: “Je ne parle francais”. And that could have been the end of the conversation in the Mediatheque. But I continued and asked about the mysterious sound in the night, and did a pretty cool attempt to recreate the sound, I think. And suddenly all of them could speak English! Well, at least ... read more
Gustav. Say hey to the audience
K's fighting the mud in Lousiana?

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Friday 10 April Every night when you go out on the porch, it sounds like in the movie above. It seems to be coming from the parking lot on the other side of the olive grooves. What it is? Give us a clue. Birds? Frogs? When we try to get close to them, they silence. Don’t know if it’s because they really silence or if there is an acoustic phenomenon which makes the sound harder to hear from the place where it seems to come from. This morning was special. I woke up at 8 (!) and couldn’t resist going down to the lover tower room where the washing machine has its home. Yesterday it broke down in the middle of a programme. Today I’ve been a washing machine mechanic for a couple of hours, and ... read more
Happy Birthday!
The very best of Nathalie's

Tuesday 7 April Our beloved parents arrived Sunday morning in nice weather, which became even better the day after. Good to see the ol’ folks again! We made lunch and dinner for them and celebrated their presence with champagne on the porch (what else?), between the old-timers occasionally naps… (Alright, they got up at three in the morning, so it’s nothing much to say about that…). Monday was walking the village and shopping at Nathalie’s. After lunch some clouds turned up, and we decided to head for Nice and maybe the Matisse Museum. But when we got to Promenade de Anglais, the sun was all over the place, and the sea unusually calm, so we stayed on the beach until it was too late to pay a visit to Matisse. We walked the streets of Nice ... read more
What can you say? Thay got up at three!
The tourists are taking over the town
You know this guy?

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