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September 30th 2017
Published: September 30th 2017
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Nice and the train to Milan

I booked a taxi through Mama Shelter for 8.30am, figuring that would give me plenty of time to get to the station, find the platform, etc for the train to Nice. I had a lovely breakfast at the (even in the morning) super funky Mama Shelter restaurant which was included in the tariff, then went back to my room, got my bags and returned to reception at 8.25. My taxi was already there!

I got to the station, worked out where my train was leaving from and went and got a cup of coffee and sat down. After a little while, I heard piano and figured that it was playing over the PA. No, there was actually a piano in the terminal and a man was playing it. I am not sure, but he looked just like a random guy who just decided to play it.

I got to Nice just after noon. I found my lodgings, the le Petite Trianon

in a very pretty car free street. Just one thing. No lift. Yep, just like Hotel Wilson where I stayed last year….. Awesome place, great location, clean, safe, etc., etc.,… just one problem, third floor, no lift and some ridiculous traveller has packed their case too bloody heavy. It’s a slow trip upstairs. But, again like Hotel Wilson, worth it.

I checked in and was delighted to see that my room faced the pretty street. I was looking out my window when I heard a mighty roar. It was a ‘flock?’ of fighter jets in formation flying over with red, white and blue trailing behind them. I was hoping they would come back so I could get a photo of them, but sadly, they didn’t.

I freshened up and went for adventure. The first surprise I got when I got to ground level was that also in ‘my’ street were some pretty famous shops; Chanel, Armani, Louis Vouton, Yves Saint Laurant, Hugo Boss, Benetton, the list goes on. I walked past these fabulous shops and took note what was in the window displays. I don’t think I will be wearing that stuff anytime soon.

I made my way to the old part of Nice, past the police headquarters and found a market. The fresh food stands were closing, but there we lots of flower stalls still open, and they were just beautiful. I have to say, as I was walking past what I later figured out to be the police headquarters I was admiring the parking skills of a van driver who was reverse parking between two poles on a very, very narrow road. Then he hit one. Then I realised it was a police van…. And this was police headquarters. I didn’t take a photo.

I then made my way to the promenade, the Monaco end. There is now a giant installation saying #IloveNice at the bend of the promenade so it overlooks the beach and the promenade towards the Hotel Negresco.

I then went for a wander around the corner, where Nice’s port is, through the narrow streets back to the heart of Nice. Strangely enough, I heard piano. There is the square towards the south end of the main street was a bright red piano being played. Again, unsure if it was just a random person who was playing it, or it was his job.

I had a really good wander and returned to my hotel for a shower and break as I had decided to see the sunset behind the Hotel Negresco end of the promenade. The first thing I noticed that had changed on the promenade since my visit this time last year is that bollards (some retractable) have been placed in strategic places, so if a vehicle actually gets on the promenade again, there are many, many obstacles preventing it from getting very far.

After seeing a really lovely sunset, I stopped at the Hard Rock Café for a quick dinner before going back to my hotel for an early night. My train leaves for Milan at 8.08am, so I figured if I prepare in advance, there is less to do in the morning.

I got to the station in plenty of time despite the bloody stairs. I was tickled to find an escalator going down to the corridor I needed to get to to get across to the platform I had to get to. I was less tickled to find that there was not one going up to the platform. I grabbed my case and started dragging. All of a sudden, I felt another hand in the case’s handle…. And the case lifted. I turned in surprised to see a man in probably his 20’s carrying my case for me. (There is a god!)

I found my seat, in carriage 19, (who knew the train was that long?) and set of for Milan. That was when I realised it was the AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final. While my team was not playing, Richmond, one of the original teams in the league and hasn’t won a grand final since the 1970’s was playing. I know lots of Richmond supporters and I really hoped that they won. I was able to get score updates on facebook and I am pleased to say they had a very convincing win. Well done to the tigers!

Should be in Milan shortly.

More soon.

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