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July 11th 2007
Published: July 11th 2007
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What a great day! The wind had stopped, the sun was out, and there was even a nice cool sea breeze. We were heading off to see the famous beaches of the French Riviera. We decided to take the scenic route that winded through the hills and countryside. When we reached Cannes, we found a shop and purchased some beach towels and a new pair of swim trunks for me. Parking was hard to find, so Nic went in while I stayed with the car driving around. Nic got the stuff and we were ready to go. We found a parking spot within a mile of the public beach and started walking. The hotels take most of the beach in Cannes and you have to pay to be there.
The first thing we noticed about the beaches is there are topless women there. (nic got all excited.) The second thing we noticed is that the women who take their tops off, really should keep them on. Never the less, we had a great time lounging on the beach. We went into the water. It was a lot colder than we expected. My next surprise was that my light colored swim trunks turn clear when they get wet - thanks for buying those ones Nic! After roasting in the sun for a few hours we set off by car to explore the coastline.

This part of the French Coast was awesome. I can see why this is the place for the rich and famous. We took the scenic drive up the coast to our town of Frejus. It was a good day.


15th July 2007

Nice Beaches
Matt, way to be passive on the sights at the beach, very nice. As far as the shorts turning clear, good for you there is nothing to see anyway. All joking aside, stay safe and I hope the remainder of your trip is a blast.
16th July 2007

Wow beautiful coastline!! any rich and famous sightings?
16th July 2007

what the hell dude
why must you write me off as some sort of lame, worthless schlob who's just basically a perve on this site? jesus man!

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