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September 19th 2021
Published: September 25th 2021
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It is our last day in Nice. We pack and we decide to head to Parc Phoenix. We have passed the Parc several times and decide it would be a nice easy thing to do on our last day. It is a Parc with different gardens located in a large hot house. There are also outdoor gardens with many different kinds of plants that I have never seen before. They also have various fish and some animals like miniature horses, goats,, lemurs, ovistitis (monkeys from Brazil), otters, wallabies, pigs, peacocks, alligators and unusual chickens. They have an outdoor cafe and picnic tables. It is quiet no schools groups today.

Included in admission to the Parc is entrance to Asian Art Museum which is located inside Parc Phoenix. We go ahead and visit the museum since it is free. They have an interesting assortment of ancient Asian artifacts. This was the perfect way to end our time n Nice.

Before we came to France we took six weeks of travel French lessons. i posted on nextdoor that I was looking for someone to teach us travel French. A college age girl from Canada was spending the summer in Danville and she answered my request. She was great she only taught us what we were interested in. People told me that there was no reason to learn French because the French speak English. That is true if you stay at the Marriott and eat at large restaurants but we prefer Mom and Pop style restaurants and we stay at Airbnbs so we have to shop at local stores. Most of the restaurants we ate at had no English menus. The staff do not speak English. Mark was a much better student than I so he has done most of the talking. I am better at reading the menus so if you plan to travel independently brush up on French.

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