The Worlds in Laragne - Task 3

Published: June 29th 2009
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Pizza & Paella NightPizza & Paella NightPizza & Paella Night

Phil is hungry...
On Saturday, there was a forecast for pretty strong winds, so the day was cancelled after the morning briefing. Days like that always give me the opportunity to catch up with some sleep - you never get enough sleep during a hanggliding comp - and with some work. In the evening, we had the Pizza and Paella Night. We all had pizza and paella (who would have thought that, huh? 😉) in the nearby village of Ribiers, and there was a really good band. Dancing and fun was guaranteed.

On Sunday, we drove up the Chabre again and pilots launched from the south launch. Conditions at launch were almost perfect, so we got alle of the 120 pilots off the hill within only an hour. A 166 km task had been set, leading the pilots first to the west to the Col de la Trappe, then to the northeast to Bergerie and then via Mont Colombis to the southeast back to the camp site. Conditions looked very good, nice puffy clouds in the sky, although cloudbase was not really high, which had prevented the task committee from setting a 200 km task.

While I was still up at launch,

Team USA - he came third yesterday.
waiting for a lift down the hill, we saw a freeflyer deploy his parachute and land north of the Chabre in a tree. He had come out of a cloud, so we assumed he must have flown into the cloud, lost orientation and thus deployed his chute. Luckily, he was not injured, he just got stuck in a tree 15 metres above the ground. The fire brigade was called and saved him.

When I got back to the camp site, I had about one hour to work, then Camo called and said that he had landed out about 60 km north of here. So I went to get him - into a very scenic valley. For a while, I was wondering where on earth he might have landed as there were only slopes and trees, but then I found him in a nice and big paddock. Rob was there, too, so we gave him a lift.

When we got back, it turned out that Christian Ciech (Italy) had won the day. He's doing extremely well at the moment, might he be the next World Champion? Second into goal was Christian Voiblet (Switzerland), and Zac Majors (United States) came

Conrad's (Team New Zealand) wife
third. He was beaming with happiness when I talked to him. Scott and Blenki had also made goal and were quite happy with the day.

Additional photos below
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Flip & YvonneFlip & Yvonne
Flip & Yvonne

I work at launch with both of them - Yvonne is the launch director and Flip is here as CIVL steward.
Heater & AttilaHeater & Attila
Heater & Attila

Meet director & 2007 World Champion
Jeff ShapiroJeff Shapiro
Jeff Shapiro

Team USA

Tema Russa - having a traditional French apero.

29th June 2009

Thank You !
Dear Katha, Thank You very much for Yor extended reports with imaginative pictures from the background of the worlds. For the ones at home/work this is most entertaining news from the thrilling event. Best regards, W.
30th June 2009

Re: Thank You !
Hi WinDfried. You are most welcome, I'm glad you are enjoying my little stories from here. Have a great week, Katha

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