Enjoying France again

Published: May 15th 2014
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1st Blog of 2014

Well we’re back on the road again, currently in France travelling down south towards some sunshine and eventually ending up in Croatia.

2nd May. St.Gengoux Le National,Burgundy

We have been over in France for 3 weeks, and the weather has been mixed, but it is getting warmer, I can tell this as yesterday Alan removed his semit as it was warm and sunny and put on a pair of shorts! I on the other hand have had my shorts on for a number of days. However, as it is raining today, even though its 20˚ he is back to wearing a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a fleece, inside!

6th May. We are set beside the canal de Roanne à Digon at Roanne.

We have been struggling with technology again as our very expensive came-with-the van-does-everything-piece-of-media-equipment, seem to refuse to play our i-pod, which means we have had three weeks without any music, which is unheard of… however, this afternoon after a lengthy session of trying and retrying to connect the i-pod we have MUSIC… So its blasting out from our van….the disco has come to town, much to the annoyance of the Dutch, who have invaded Europe again.

8th May

We are now parked up along side a beautiful lake in the Limousin Auvergne region in central south France. We have been very close by before but somehow managed to pass the Lac de Naussac, Langogne. But we are here now, sat outside in the sunshine drinking fizzy wine and eating chocolates. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

9th-15th May

We travelled along minor roads to pretty Florac and then onto St. Jean du Gard with its tourist steam railway. On we went to stay a couple of days at Aigues Morte with its complete medieval city walls surrounded by the salt marshes of the Rhone delta in the Camargue region. Finally we have arrived at the Mediterranean near Les Saintes Marie de la Mer where it is warm, sunny and blowing a full scale force eight. We are getting a bit of cabin fever and are thinking that if the wind doesn't drop soon we will head up and across the Alps and to the Italian lakes.

PS I must add a new item to our increasingly long list of things that keep us awake at night. We stayed at a camper stop in a tiny hamlet called Nuncq Hautecote, where we were greeted warmly by the owner of the place which was a combination of smallholding, B&B and camper stop. Just as I was handing over my 5 Euro fee I saw the chicken shed with its cockerel proudly strutting its stuff. "Il commence a quelle heure" I asked in my best french, a knowing smile was my reply as the 5 Euros was swiftly pocketed by my host.

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15th May 2014

Hope your weather improves
Enjoy the journey
15th May 2014

beautiful...wish I was following you guys again.....Alan I would have promised not to buy anything!!!

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