Day 9 - Avignon

Published: June 28th 2016
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Not going to give food details today after last night's degustation....

Anyhow, wake up to another blue sky day, and high temperature prediction. We walk the city and papal palace today. Interesting old information that we hadn't heard before. Up stairs, down stairs, into old Rome, out of old Rome, getting the picture yet.... Finish off by going the light the book shop to get out and eventually back to reality..

Do the Pont D'Avignon (for all those Emma wiggle fans) and then back to the ship for more food. Today is special coz they have a baked leg of ham. Special.......

Lunch with Rose done then Chris is off to the Pont Du Gard and I am off to the laundromat... it has to be done so I'm happy to take one for the team..

Washing done and back tot the ship, unpacked and doing not much when the eyelids close over , bugger, that means I am in French time - slow in the morning and not too fast in the afternoon.

Anyhow, down to the lounge for an aperitif. God this life is hard to accept.we e entually line up for dinner and we appear to have a group of 6 to eat with now. Our elder NSW friends from last night, and another couple from NSW. At least not,Kiwis this time. All good fun and lots of laughs over dinner.

Up to the lounge for a musical evening then finished with a quiet drink on the sky deck before bed. Good night....😴


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