Avignon to Briancone

Published: July 25th 2019
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We did some travelling by car towards a castle that is about 50 k.m away. It was build on top of a mountain and is called Chateau de Baix. A nice trip going through those small French villages that look so nice as you see on TV looking at the Tour de France. It has something friendly about them that gives that special feeling that only those places can give you. We arrived there fairly early but still to late for we could not find a parking place. It was all full and you had to go back down the mountain to find a place. We stopped so we could take some photos from what we could see was just a heap of rubble but that was from a distance. We knew there was ,more to see as that. At this time of the day the temperature was already in the high thirty's. We looked at what we had to walk and climb and decided to give the castle a NO. Not a good idea for us to do this. We made a U turn and went back to Avignon and the Hotel. There we took the bus to Avignon and

the Castle on top
had a look at the old city. That was also nice and a better idea to spent the afternoon. Also hot but there were drinks and shade. Saw lots of interesting places O.A. where in the old days the washing was done in the stream that run behind the houses. There were also areas where the clothes were coloured.There were some very nice cafe's where we hat a sit down to enjoy a cool drink well deserved I may add. It took us also to the end of Avignon visit for the next day we were back in the car for a 260 kilometer trip to Briancone, a place high up in the Alps. Everything was going well until we hit the smaller roads with lots of S bends that dramatically slowed your speed. Not always your doing but other cars that make their way on a far slower speed and passing on those roads is not always advisable. Close to Briancone we were stopped by police, that requested my driving license.At rhe start of this hold up We had no idea what he was talking about but he had help from his of sider that could speak a little

in Avignon
English. He kept saying petit peu. We found out that was a little. My Australian licence was okay. . Anyway we made it and sure as usual the GPS took us close but not really to the right place. Liz had to go out and ask around while I stood on a triangle island waiting for her. That took a while for as I was told later some people she asked didn't know the hotel. But we found it hidden behind a giant supermarket. After arguing about the room they gave us we got a better one and installed ourselves for the coming three days. A nice shower freshened us up and time arrived to look for something to eat. We found that in a small restaurant not far from the place we stayed. We had a nice meal there not to forget a cold glass beer.We had a good night rest to go out and see what Briancone was all about. We arrived on 20th July and the Tour de France was coming through there on the 25th. That explained the many bike riders that were there. We went to the city by car but parking in Europe is

washing the clothes
an art that we not mastered yet. We had to park a little away from the old city and tourist office what we wanted to visit. We found a place behind the Cathedral but that also meant we had to walk up a very steep hill. But we did it with the help of a few benches and stops. The views are amazing from any direction. We walked the old city to see the amazing defends works they build in those early days. We have to leave it here and tell you more next time. Liz & Alphons.

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water behind houses

having a rest

gate Briancone

parked the car

from the car

having a stop

keep walking

defence old city

no idea Lion or Sheep

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