I felt like it hapend all over again

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February 1st 2010
Published: February 11th 2010
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I rented a bike and rode for hours and got lost. I was out all night because I couldent find where my hostel was
and for got the name I was pretty out of it as well if you know what I mean. I need a hot shower I could live in the shower for a few days. Although my skin might fall off and I might pass out and hit my head on the mould ridden tile on the floor. I wonder what is living in those cracks? I think it might be dangerous or maybe im just
over reacting. Either way I think im going to go and sit with my face in the toilet for a while and just think about things as I see vidually what I ate for diner the previous night be flushed away into an oblivian and thats all I can write at the moment....


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