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Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle May 4th 2023

The bodies spoke very loudly this morning, the alarm amy have gone off at 7:30 but we didn’t get out of bed until 9:30. Breakfast is until 10:30 so we just splashed water on our faces and hair quickly dressed and went down to eat. The breakfast room was very busy and warm. The offerings were extensive, including the egg station where they would cook them anyway you wanted, including an omelet, they even had batter for crepes. We made it easy and just had scrambled eggs with the usual suspects. The croissants here, obviously not from a bakery but mass produced and small. At the moment we are just finishing up getting ready to go pick up a couple of bikes to explore two different sections of the city. It is a sunny day, a ... read more
Cod Tempura
Local Street Scene

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle May 3rd 2023

Today we head to the Coast. La Rochelle is in Charente-Maritime on the Bay of Biscay. Since Millau, we have been in uncharted territory (except Saint-Emilion) so everything is new to us. While Jarnac may not be our dream home for retirement, it is important to experience as much of France and all corners, if you plan on living there someday. La Rochelle has been on our list of potential retirement homes for a few reasons: 1) it is on the coast and deep down I am very much tied to the water; 2) there is a train station with a TGV to Paris; and 3) the weather appears to be very similar to Portland, meaning low humidity. We are close to starting our third week, and since we are in La Rochelle for three nights ... read more
The West Port
Towers across from Hotel
Pink Gambas

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle June 16th 2022

After the heat and indeed overheating of yesterday we decided there was only one thing to do to ensure we kept cool. We headed for the Hyper U just 1/2 a mile from the campsite. The campsite was probably all on its own in the countryside once on the edge of a village on the outskirts of La Rochelle. Now it is on the edge of a massive shopping centre. This is not a problem as the campsite is away from the shops and that Hyper U was pretty handy. My plan was to hang about the chiller cabinets for a good part of the day and I think we were in there for at least 2 1/2 hours. Bob doesn't usually like to spend too long on shopping but today even he enjoyed his extended ... read more
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Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle June 13th 2022

Very pleased with this campsite and especially our pitch as, as it gets hotter, the shade provided by a couple of big tall trees is keeping us reasonably comfortable. Forecast for the next few days is to get hotter and even hotter until we probably spontaneously combust. Hopefully a storm will come along before that happens ?. Decided for first time to use campsite showers rather than the excellent ones in the van mainly because there is no grey waste emptying grid on the campsite And the water supply is a little far to want to carry too much water to fill the tank. As it happens the showers are super so good decision. No idea why there is no grey waste or motorhome service point. Campsite is so well set up it seems an odd ... read more
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Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle June 12th 2022

Packed up the motorhome and manoevred it round so we could attach the trailer onto the back and then load the Smart Car on that. Slowest part is attaching the straps round each wheel but now we have good set of straps again we did that with more confidence. Another gorgeous day when we woke and the forecast is for pretty amazingly hot for at least the next week. We did pass under a rain cloud a few miles further south but nothing much and the sky soon turned bright blue again. This area of the country is very flat. Green or golden fields and now plenty of vineyards and not much opportunity for photos which need height when taken on the move. We have driven along the route before. I could tell this as I ... read more
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Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle October 15th 2021

Da ich gestern Meeresfrüchte gegessen hatte, nahm ich das Frühstücksangebot mit Schinken aus Bayonne und Käse und Baguette dankend zum Ausgleich an. Vorher natürlich die obligatorischen Corn Flakes. Auf Croissant und das leckere Pain au Chocolat verzichtete ich diesmal. Danach startete ich meine Spaziergang durch das Zentrum.. Den alten Hafen hatte ich ja am Vorabend schon gesehen und er ist wirklich sehr sehenswert. Die Einfahrt wird durch zwei große Türme bewacht, die abends schön beleuchtet werden. Ich machte mich auch auf die Suche nach einem Starbucks, aber es gab dann doch keines. Google hatte bei der Suche danach ein anderes Café angezeigt und das war auch weiter weg vom Wasser. Statt dessen bestellte ich Eis und Cappuccino am Hafen und auch diesmal kostete letzterer über 5 Euro für eine normale Tasse. Also wie am Vortag auf ... read more
Spaziergang durch La Rochelle.
Spaziergang durch La Rochelle.
Spaziergang durch La Rochelle.

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle October 14th 2021

Nachdem ich diesmal schon in den Regionen Champagne und Loire-Tal war, habe ich heute den Atlantik erreicht. Von Nantes bin ich also in Richtung Süden und zuerst habe ich in der Region La Rochelle am alten deutschen U-Boot Bunker vorbei geschaut. Der ist auf einem abgeschlossenen Hafengelände, aber auch aus der Ferne kann man ihn gut sehen. Dann überquerte ich eine Brücke zur bekannten Île de Ré. Das ist eine absolute Sehenswürdigkeit und bei wolkenlosem Himmel war sie definitiv nicht überlaufen. Ich habe also in einem alten Fischerhafen einen Cappuccino getrunken und spazierte danach etwas herum. Es gab einen Leuchtturm und ein altes Fort. Auf dem Rückweg bin ich noch an einem großen aber fast leeren Strand vorbei gekommen. Zum Baden war es dann wohl doch etwas zu kalt und der Industriehafen von La Rochelle war ... read more
Auf Île de Ré.
Auf Île de Ré.
Der alte deutsche U-Boot Bunker.

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle August 3rd 2020

In the space of 36 hours we have gone from mountain to walled city to chateau to donkeys in pyjamas. Bonkers. We left the pyrenees layer then planted (normal service resumed there) managing not to leave anything behind. Slightly worried that the ants were making an appearance again having found a couple on Seths toy case...... I'll keep you posted. We made our way to Carcassonne, weirdly 4 years to the day since we last went, in the sun, passing fields and fields of sunflowers. I still want to be a sunflower farmer! No song turns and we find pyre way to the place where all of france was yesterday. Literally all of them. Seth was overwhelmed by the city walls, castle like and huge, but less overawed by his pizza lunch! He had pretty quickly ... read more

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle June 25th 2016

Jour 1: Lundi 20 juin 2016 On s'est tous retrouvé pour un petit déjeuner à la SRR sur le port des Minimes de La Rochelle, en attendant que tout le monde arrive. J'ai appris que j'allais naviguer et vivre quelques jours sur le Grand Surprise, un super voilier de régate. Ensuite nous avons préparé les bateaux, c'est-à-dire que nous avons installé les couchettes et les matelas pour que nous puissions dormir dedans. On a aussi rangé toutes nos affaires dans les coffres et dans les couchettes à l'arrière du bateau pour éviter qu'elles ne se baladent trop lors de la navigation. Après le déjeuner nous sommes enfin partis en direction de Saint-Martin (Île-de-Ré). Il ne faisait pas très beau et un peu froid, mais comme il y avait pas mal de vent c'était quand même super-cool, ... read more
Fort Boyard

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle June 20th 2016

We've visited La Rochelle once before, via boat from Ile d'Oleron. This time we took the rather handy train. Only 10 minutes to Chatelaillon station by scooter and 11 minutes on the train to La Rochelle. Easy. A good decision as not a good weather day, grey and chilly. Better walking round a lovely town than braving the windy seafront. Had a lovely day and out of the wind it was a little warmer but we saw lots of people huddled up in their big coats. Very unseasonably cold. There seemed to be quite a number of Euro 2016 supporters about, especially Irish. The town was buzzing with lots of visitors, all wandering about taking in the sights the same as us. We had a picnic in the main square for lunch, courtesy of the local ... read more
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