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Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re March 20th 2016

The warm sun looked like it was going to desert us today for although there were patches of blue sky the general overcast gave the impression that it was back to that mode for the day. Here we had been thinking that a change to short sleeve shirts and shorts might have been on but today is certainly a day for rugging up again. Never mind, as long as it doesn’t rain. We have been sleeping in really well and this morning was no different waking when the time was nearly 7am. So it was a relaxed breakfast as we planned our day trip to the Ile de Re, a long strip of an island separated by a 1.8km long bridge from the mainland. It is about 35km by road from the La Rochelle end of ... read more
Deserted street Portes-en-Re
On our hunt for a restaurant,Ports-en_Re
War memorial at Ars-en-Re

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re September 8th 2015

Up bright and early to take advantage of the lovely weather. Writing yesterday's blog on the Laptop when disaster struck. Oops that cup of coffee was intended for my mouth, not the Laptop keyboard. Switched off the power, dried it as best we could then before I could switch it off, it did it for me. See little chance of it switching on again and keyboard, now dry, is decidedly sticky. Communications for remainder of the trip will be on this Hudl, a rather basic tablet or my phone. Photos are safe on camera card but no way to get them off it. Will be doing a nightly delete exercise to make sure I don't fill the cards. In the meantime will be investigating, via my phone, a replacement Laptop for when we get home. Put ... read more
fish market -super display
Saint-Martin-de-Ré = full of velos, a hazard for pedestrians

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re September 7th 2015

Woke up to a stunning blue sky day. A little breezy but it often is on the Ile de Re as it’s so flat. We’ve visited the island 4 times before (Bob thought 3 but a quick check of my blogs shows 4) so have been to most places but everywhere is so lovely it doesn’t matter. Bob unloaded Kisbee the scooter and we set off in search of fuel and found some just before the turn to Ars en Re. Tank full we did a tour of Ars en Re including the pretty harbour, admired the lovely narrow streets lined with white buildings then had takeaway galettes for lunch. Next stop Phare des Balleines which my trip records show we visited in 2003. Still standing, sky still blue and sand still as soft but more ... read more
Ars en Re Market - tempting food but not when we're out all day on the scooter and no fridge on board
Ars en Re market - have to love a French market
Ars en Re where we had takeaway galette

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re September 6th 2015

Driving day today. Due south or as much so as Bob could persuade Tina Tomtom to take us. He instructed her that we didn’t want toll roads, motorways or even dualled N roads. She was a bit surprised at first but rose to the challenge and plotted us a straight line route through France with barely a major road in sight. A very easy drive all the way (certainly for me as passenger !), along some pretty country roads, past fields full of nodding sunflowers and ripening corn, then vineyards as we approached the Loire valley. The traffic was light being a Sunday and indeed as we drove through some of the towns we did wonder where everyone was as we saw very few people out and about. Must have been extended Sunday lunch time. We ... read more
Vineyards as we approached the Loire Valley
Sad looking Sunflowers bending their pretty heads waiting for the chop
Oh we do so love the big wide empty roads of France

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re February 4th 2015

We have entered stage 3 of our trip: the relaxing part. We are staying in The Commeignes family holiday property in the little town on the island called La Couarde which Rene bought and built a house on in 1974. Ile de Re is an island on the Atlantic West coast in the Charentes-Maritime region of France. It is a summer holiday destination for French, German and English tourists. We have been here in both summer and in March and the difference is enormous of course due to Ile de Re being a place to come for cycling, sailing, surfing and other beach activities. Not much is open in winter (at this time) except maybe a local bakery, pharmacy and (if you're lucky) one cafe in each little town on the island, and 2 big supermarkets. ... read more
Vineyards in the winter months
Bird Sanctuary
St Martin

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re June 19th 2014

Well after 2 weeks in paradise it is time to move on. During our time there we met a fabulous young couple who have created their own haven in Aquitaine. Their vision, and sympathy towards buildings, natural materials and nature were second to none, and we were certainly privileged to house sit for them. They have the most beautiful and HAPPY baby I have EVER seen - and I have seen a few! The other people working there were very welcoming and all had stories to tell about why they have found themselves in this part of France. I so love hearing about peoples experiences and adventures. What makes us who we are is everyday life and skills, how you use them, and having the courage to be different or take a chance. Its so important ... read more
And I can do 'high five' for a bit of cheese
Perfect Poppy

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re May 7th 2011

Whilst in our minds Simon and I set out on a cultural and culinary trip around Europe - it has soon become a trip of children’s playgrounds and swimming pools punctuated by the predictable question “How many Miles is it Daddy” and the Sat Nav has been reconfigured to provide the answer... The ferry trip from Portsmouth to St Malo was thankfully uneventful – Claire wasn’t even sick (except at the huge price of dinner on board). Off we got and straight on with driving on the wrong side of the road at a combined length of 34 feet – scary… Our first stop was Ile de Re in the Vendee (thanks Faye for the tip) a lovely island where we stayed near the beautiful harbour at La Flotte, on a fabulous campsite with a swimming ... read more
Crooked chimneys
Glaces all round!

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re April 16th 2011

Our next stop is just a short 90 minutes drive to the West, on the Atlantic Coast. This time, we are spending the evening and night in La Rochelle, and the day on Ile de Re. I had teenager souvenirs of La Rochelle, but Ile de Re is a first for me. We are so lucky with the weather. We are enjoying July weather, but we are only in middle April, the crowds are simply not yet here, and this is amazing. After our visit of Hennessy in Cognac, we took the road to La Rochelle. We had booked a small hotel a minute walk from the Old Port. Slight problems, all streets are one-way here, and I forgot to print the exact address of ther hotel (I know, brillant idea!). But after a little while, ... read more
Ile de Re
Climbing the stairs of Phare des Baleines
Sunset, La Rochelle

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re March 30th 2011

Ile de Re comeuppance We thought we had been so clever, we arranged to take our (bike tour inexperienced) friends on a bike tour of the Ile de Re, we knew so much about it it would be easy. To make it even easier we would rent a Tandem there and fly out while they would drive taking their normal bikes across two countries. All was going well, they even met us at the airport of La Rochelle and took us onto the Island so we could stay on our first night. In the morning we went out to pick up our tandem and of course we had ordered panniers for our luggage. Well there it was... a pannier ...a small wire basket that the French call a “pannier”. This is not what a Brit calls ... read more

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Ile de Re November 8th 2010

So my apologies for not updating this from my summer holidays.. it was so long ago I can't remember all the little stories but I'll do what I can!!!! So we drove from London, caught the ferry to Calais then made the long journey to Isle de Re, a small island off the south coast of France. To sum it up, it was amazing. We were in a brilliant camp site minutes from the beach, where we made bon fires at night and watched shooting stars... the best night was when we sat on the beach, drank wine, cooked up steaks on stones over a fire, and watched shooting stars... The weather was amazing, the tans were awesome and it was a really great week!!! We visited lots of the little parts of the island, and ... read more

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