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Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac September 8th 2016

Reputation calls on all within earshot of an utterance of that word ‘Cognac’ to genuflect or at least bow. If I were to offer cognac as an after dinner slurp, then I might be bunging it on a bit, or maybe there is a heavy question coming. After all, I have never tasted the stuff. Well not before now. We might know the big names in cognac like Hennessy and Remy Martin from watching the likes of Roger Moore and Sean Connery. A few days back, we pulled up in the town of Cognac, expecting something like the ambience of Epernay in the Champagne country. Cognac did present a prominence, albeit muted. There was a feeling of ‘having arrived’ when we drove into the town. But it all fell a bit flat. Epernay has stately homes, ... read more
Cognac Old City Gatesb2 (20)
Cognac Camping Cars Amongst the trees 1 (22)
Cognac Hotel de Ville 3 8)

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac September 11th 2012

Today we have had a lazy day. Too lazy even to get the scooter out of the garage so we had to walk into La Romieu where we had a bit of a stroll, looked in through the gates at the beautiful Unesco World Heritage protected abbey, but didn’t go in as we did that in full last visit then stopped for a leisurely coffee before walking back to the campsite armed with the obligatory fresh baguette for our lunch. We could have scootered round the area, there are lots of lovely towns and villages to visit - Condom , Larrasingle , Montreal , Seviac , Fources , Lectoure , Saint-Puy but we have visited them all in our previous 2003/2008 trips so as I said, we lazily did not a lot of anything today. ... read more
La Romieu is decidely old
Looking into the old church at La Romieu

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac September 10th 2012

Time to move on, almost directly south, over the Vezere and then the Dordogne river and down to the Ger in beautiful pastoral Gascony. Bob and Clarissa Tomtom had planned a route last night which went in a pretty straight line and took us along roads we had not used before. We were quite surprised by this as we thought we had probably seen all the stretches of the Dordogne that there are to see but we took a road south from Campagne, a rather attractive town on the Vezere, to Siorac-en-Perigord on the Dordogne, and decided we had not been this way before. I am about to correct that, we have been to Siorac before. In June 2003 we stayed in a gite in Mouzens just over the river, with Nigel and Lynne and ... read more
Siorac but no Intermarche for us
How wide did you say the Tandy was Bob. Oh, just 2 inches narrower than the bridge I see.

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac May 9th 2012

Today we headed for Cognac, yes that Cognac. We had breakfast at the hotel and were off early today. Cognac is a short drive, but we only have today so we want to make sure we get there in time to see at least one producer. It is a partly cloudy day but very warm the humidity level as really picked up. We had no difficulty finding the right direction out of town and took the Auto Route most of the way, the last 20 minutes was on a smaller national road and of course the scenery was much more delightful. We arrived in Cognac at about 12:30; we pulled over at a parking spot by the river and walked into the city to find our hotel. We walked into the old part of the city ... read more
Chateaux Otar
Old Entry to Cognac
The view from our Room

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac September 30th 2011

Thursday 15th – Cognac – France always seems a country of big skies. Everywhere you look whether it’s at night or during the day the sky seems to go on forever. Today we decided to spend the day at Cognac which was an interesting town with a big history of Cognac production. Sions tip free parking on the Hennessey Quai by the river. The river area felt much more interesting than the one at Saintes. We had made the decision to visit a cognac distillery and chose Hennessey. We picked the English tour in the afternoon and were taken across the river in a barge to the warehouses on the other side of the river. The visit included seeing the barrels being made, the distilling process and the ageing of the cognac. Not a drink either ... read more
cognac still

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac April 15th 2011

We all have dreams, and some of those dreams have the chance to become experiences in our real life. Some moments don't have price, they are simply there to be enjoyed, to the best we can, because they are so unique. What we lived for two days around the Cognac region is one of those rare experience Mari and I have enjoyed in our short life. But first, I have to thank Yves to have made this dream come true, and Alexandre and Patrick to have take care of us so well in Bourg-Charente. Thank you is a simple word, but it come from deep inside us. To those who asked us how did we end up living these two days, my answer is simple. I have a passion for a great product, and in two ... read more
The Paradis, Hennessy
Ugni blanc vines
Barrels, at the "tonnelerie"

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac April 13th 2010

All right, so my last entry I believe I left off giving a brief description of the farm, but I have pictures this time. It was quite a simplistic old farmhouse, but it was so simple and peaceful, even Anne Coulter could become a more pleasant person if she stayed there. After working long hours of pulling up weeds, I would grab a glass of vin rouge and watch the sun set behind a curtain of weeping willow branches. Then we would eat a large delicious meal that Joyce cooked (we ate very late) and drag ourselves to bed, only to do it again the next day. I loved doing everything 'the old fashioned way' even down to feeding the goats and hanging the laundry on the clothes line (I take great pleasure in the simplest ... read more

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac March 10th 2010

Spent the week in a gite in a small village called Brives sur Charante, outside Cognac. The weather was bitterly cold with an icy wind. The gite was owned by a lovely couple and we had many cups of tea in their converted farm house. So cold that we didn't manage to play golf or cycle so we resorted to the next best thing, eating and drinking. We visited the Henessey distillery and explored Cognac and Saintes. Next stop Valencia for the Fallas Festival. Yipee ... read more
Eating and Drinking  Part 2
Eating & Drinking Part 3
Saintes - Roman amphitheatre

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