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Europe » France » Picardy » Beauvais January 16th 2015

Yes, I confess, it's NOT Beauvais I live in, Beauvais is actually rather nice town. This tiny little village I ended up in is called Formerie. It's about a half an hours drive from Beauvais, during which you drive through ten or so equally tiny little villages. And a funny thing, you never see any people in those villages! What do the french people do? Don't they ever go outside, for jogging, walking a dog, anything? And believe me when I say; the french houses are not that comfortable that you would enjoy staying inside all the time! Okey, I'm a skandinavian, in other words I am used to good isolation, central heating and triple glazed windows, something the french seem to be missing completely. And I mean it's not excactly warm here in winter! And ... read more
the one to the left is mine
the Cat!

Europe » France » Picardy » Soissons December 17th 2014

France was kind of a last minute decision for me as I had planned to hit the German Christmas markets this year. However, I found out my friends were going and despite being extremely nervous about speaking only about 10 words in French, I decided to meet them in Paris! I took Emirates airline, the A380 (not business class this time) and the economy seats were surprisingly comfortable - usually Emirates seats have some weird bar that pushes out your lower back… I checked in online so was able to get aisle seats and since the line was so long at the baggage drop, I just took my huge backpack on board. I slept pretty well off and on during both flights, though from Doha I was rudely awakened repeatedly by the woman next to me ... read more
The wonderful cafe
Chapel behind memorial
Soissons Memorial

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme November 11th 2014

11a.m 11th November 2014 A Journey in Memory of those who gave their lives so gallantly in WWI 1914-1918 There’s a poignant peace amongst the quiet towns of Flanders and The Somme as the sun goes down. As if remembering. Bright the light on furrows deep beyond the plough reveal a past of sacrifice, as lambs now graze this placid scene bequeathed to those who live today. We can but reflect. Across these fertile plains and tranquil water now rest the vivid scenes of war and slaughter, as tears we share with the circling buzzards’ plaintive cry. ... read more
Known Unto God
Ypres (Ieper)
The Menin Gate

Europe » France » Picardy » Le Crotoy September 22nd 2014

Said our goodbyes to Janet and Eric who were also leaving to get their ferry home. We had another full driving day across Normandy to get within spitting distance of our chunnel crossing tomorrow. Back the way we had come to Caen, heading East and then Bob managed to find a route over the Seine bypassing Rouen (a place we avoid when we can as we’ve had a couple of problems there in the past). A far more interesting drive today as we went through rather than round lots of pretty Normandy villages. Pont D’Eveque is always a pleasure to drive through, albeit very slowly today as Monday is market day. It was also tractor day on the roads and we found ourselves behind quite a few along the way. That time of year. We bypassed ... read more
Pont D'Eveque
Pont D'Eveque
Love the wild planting of Cosmos we find throughout France

Europe » France » Picardy » Pierrefonds August 12th 2014

Despite what many of you will know about me and my thoughts on camping, I'm currently lying in a sleeping bag inside a tent in a campsite in France. I can hear the rain dropping down onto the roof as I lay here trying to get to sleep. Someone told me once that camping is meant to reset your body's natural body-clock, but I must be an exception to the rule. I can hear the snuffled sounds of my brother and nephews as they are sleeping, but I'm still awake at 00:30. Normally I fall asleep whilst watching TV, but I haven't got one here, so I've been trying to fall sleep whilst watching a few videos I've got on my phone, but the resources are limited. For the past three nights I've twice watched the ... read more
In my favourite place with my favourite nephews
A triomphant photo (you love it)

Europe » France » Picardy » Amiens June 17th 2014

Arrivederci Venice Already I miss the sounds of the gondoliers in the canal beneath our hotel window. In the morning we heard their easy banter as they prepared their gondolas for the day. Later in the day and in the evening, there was often the sound of a piano accordion playing and a tenor singing, “O Solo Mio” to rousing applause by the onlookers. There was always happy chatter and laughter from the constant flood of tourists being taken for their 40-minute ride around the canals. Our home for the past four nights has been the Hotel Lisbona, an old Venetian hotel with velvet wallpaper, tapestries and chandeliers. We were on the third floor and as these hotels don’t have lifts, it wasn’t easy getting the luggage, or ourselves up and down. This is definitely not ... read more
Stairs to our room.
Riolta Bridge
The market

Europe » France » Picardy » Le Crotoy June 7th 2014

After all it’s now more than 2months since we got back from our Vietnam / Bangkok trip and tans are starting to fade. We seem to have been very busy between then and now. When I’m not making glass, I’m whizzing down the motorway to visit my Baddeley family and Bob has been doing more development of his railway in the loft. Travelwise we’ve had a 4 day trip in the Tandy to Dorset, just after Easter, when we stayed near Charmouth and scootered into Lyme Regis and Beer. Not forgetting the weekend camp in Alton with Liz and Graham. We have a new scooter which we tried out on the Dorset trip. A bright white Kisbee. The Diesis was lovely and loyal but it was getting older, we are heavier and the poor thing was ... read more
Bluebells in Dorset and our new scooter
family wedding
Blue tit just left the nest

Europe » France » Picardy » Laon May 24th 2014

We decided to have breakfast in the restaurant again this morning and it was lovely to sit overlooking the beautiful gardens. After packing up, I went back to get the car and found it parked with both an AMG Mercedes and a McLaren!! Our Renault is firmly outclassed here! We checked out then had a great little play in the gardens before moving on closer to Dunkirque for our ferry tomorrow, The AirBnB app on the phone was playing up so we lost the address… Double back to Maccas (again) and use the wifi to find the place. After taking almost 5 hours for a 3 ½ hour drive, we finnaly found our B&B which was a rustic old converted farm. The stables and other buildings have all been turned into guest rooms and are quite ... read more

Europe » France » Picardy » Laon May 23rd 2014

Breakfast was lovely this morning and after having our fill, mum had to book our ferry ride to England so Em and I played for a while outside, exploring the nearby creek and old barn. We then headed off to our next place – a real French Chateau! Through the rolling green landscape of France, we wound our way down some tiny single lane back roads to the chateau. Amazing!! This was the real deal with immaculate landscaped gardens, full silver service and beautifully furnished and maintained buildings. True to the “family friendly” tag on the website, there was even a games room for kids with board games, cards and playstation and wii for the bigger kids. We parked our car beside a very nice red porsche and checked in where we got welcome drinks served ... read more

Europe » France » Picardy » Abbeville May 8th 2014

Bonjour! Just as you were all wondering where we are - I thought it was time to check in and update you. We took our time driving down to the Haute Pyrenees. It was a pleasure to drive off motorway and take our time looking at all France has to offer on the way. Plus we saved about 100 euros in toll charges so Monsieur was tres content! We found it quite difficult to get on wifi on the way down as we don't believe in paying for it. So hence the delay in getting properly started with the blog. However, we aim to be more regular from now on. Abbaye de Valloires was simply divine - pardon the pun. It is a 12th century Cistercian Abbey in the Department of Somme. Today it is managed ... read more
Abbaye de Valloires
Abbaye de Valloires
Abbaye de Valloires

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