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Europe » France » Picardy » Amiens September 22nd 2015

Petit tour en Normandie… Un rendez-vous chez le toubib pour JJ tarde à se faire, alors pour que le temps passe plus vite, nous prenons le chemin des écoliers pour nous rendre jusqu’où ses forces nous le permettrons mais surtout jusqu’à la veille du prochain rendez-vous… Autant se distraire et se reposer quand nécessaire et passer son temps agréablement au lieu de se morfondre devant un agenda… C’est ainsi que samedi matin nous prenons la route direction la Normandie… Nous avions prévu une escapade en Bretagne mais le temps est trop court pour que chose se fasse…. Nous prenons alors une route qui m’amuse à cause des noms cocasses de certains villages… C’est ainsi que nous passons par : Wé, Mal Campée, Tournes, La Bouteille, Mon Plaisir et j’en passe… Nous arrivons dans l’après-midi dans les ... read more
La Somme, tout à côté du camping...
Mairie d'Amiens

Europe » France » Picardy » Peronne August 5th 2015

Wednesday 5 August 2015 Hard to believe this day has come so suddenly. Today we returned our Peugeot 2008, our friend and companion for the past three months. We're not sure how Polly is feeling but we do know she'll have to a quaint herself with new owners. Perhaps that means a change of language. We have divulged ourselves of all the luxury items we needed to save a euro or two by having our own in-room early morning coffee and breakfast. A nice parcel has been left for the house keeping staff with a letter thanking them for their efforts and hoping they can make use of our portable kitchen. This Premiere Classe Hotel has been exceptional. We thanked the duty manager who informed us that this hotel is a new generation. Hope they get ... read more

Europe » France » Picardy May 21st 2015

Sunday 17 May 2015 Today was for driving from our accommodation near Beauvais to Rouen. This Is a relatively short distance so we took the advice of our knowledgeable host and decided to stop and explore the village of Gerberoy en route. Gerberoy completes a triangle formed with Amiens and Beauvais. Our trusty GPS friend kept us on the back roads as we left gently sloping fields of green crops growing right up to the road edge and headed into wooded hills. The fresh spring green all around us on this sunny day made the drive a real pleasure. We passed through many villages and soon were approaching Gerberoy. Before we entered the little town we found a handy car parking area under shady trees, already occupied by a number of vehicles. With some expert reversing ... read more

Europe » France » Picardy » Beauvais May 18th 2015

Friday 15 May 2015 What a wonderful sleep. We chose this B & B for its quietness, location near to Charles de Gaulle Airport, and its welcoming atmosphere. All boxes had a tick. The next test was the breakfast. Wow! We started with the biggest cup of wonderful coffee followed by fresh pastries, locally produced yoghurt, a variety of breads and home made jams, and little cakes. Oh the waistline, but then again there will be plenty of exercise. We enjoyed our breakfast with a couple from Limoges. One of the objectives of the trip this time was to immerse ourselves, wherever possible, in the local culture. At breakfast time it was getting a real workout. We'll be great speakers of French by day three. Beauvais was the nearest large town to our accommodation, about 14 ... read more
Beauvais Cathedral

Europe » France » Picardy » Beauvais May 16th 2015

Thursday 14 May 2015 The planning for this wonderful holiday probably started while driving through the Loire four years ago. Today it was underway. The journey really started in Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand two days ago when we turned everything off, locked the doors and drove to Christchurch for our flight to Paris. Long haul flights are something to be endured, especially when you live so far from the places you want to visit on the other side of the world. With thirty one hours of travel behind us we landed at Charles de Galle Airport, bleary eyed but full of excitement. Ten out of ten to French Immigration. Our passports were stamped and returned in about thirty seconds. It's that honest Kiwi look, you know. Bags collected, phone call to Eurolease for a pick ... read more

Europe » France » Picardy » Amiens May 10th 2015

This morning I checked out of my Bayeux hotel and hit the road. My first stop was the little seaside town of Arromanches which is in the middle of the Gold Beach, one of the beaches assigned to the British on D-Day. The Allies built an artificial harbor there that was affectionately called Port Winston. They were therefore able to land supplies even though the Germans had made the usual ports unusable. The extent of Port Winston is impressive and I could clearly see the remains of much of the old artificial breakwater (see picture). Next I visited Juno Beach which was where the Canadians landed and the Canadian military cemetery (see picture). We often forget the Canadian contribution to the war and the fact that they declared war on Germany two years before the United ... read more

Europe » France » Picardy April 14th 2015

Sunday. Today we had a return to warm, sunny weather, and we set off for a day touring the Loire Valley. First of all we visited the Château Chenonçeau, which bridges the Cher River, and is set in magnificent grounds which include formal and informal gardens, and forest. This château has an interesting history, and the grounds are very peaceful if one walks into the forest a bit. We then proceeded to Amboise for lunch, followed by a tour of the very impressive château/castle which overlooks and dominates the town. What remains is only a fraction of the original great fortress, but includes some amazing features, such as the chapel overhanging the walls, the broad spiral ramps inside the towers, built so that the king/nobles could ride their horses and bring carriages up from the entrances ... read more
Amiens Cathedral
Château d'Amboise
le Clos Lucé

Europe » France » Picardy » Beauvais January 16th 2015

Yes, I confess, it's NOT Beauvais I live in, Beauvais is actually rather nice town. This tiny little village I ended up in is called Formerie. It's about a half an hours drive from Beauvais, during which you drive through ten or so equally tiny little villages. And a funny thing, you never see any people in those villages! What do the french people do? Don't they ever go outside, for jogging, walking a dog, anything? And believe me when I say; the french houses are not that comfortable that you would enjoy staying inside all the time! Okey, I'm a skandinavian, in other words I am used to good isolation, central heating and triple glazed windows, something the french seem to be missing completely. And I mean it's not excactly warm here in winter! And ... read more
the one to the left is mine
the Cat!

Europe » France » Picardy » Soissons December 17th 2014

France was kind of a last minute decision for me as I had planned to hit the German Christmas markets this year. However, I found out my friends were going and despite being extremely nervous about speaking only about 10 words in French, I decided to meet them in Paris! I took Emirates airline, the A380 (not business class this time) and the economy seats were surprisingly comfortable - usually Emirates seats have some weird bar that pushes out your lower back… I checked in online so was able to get aisle seats and since the line was so long at the baggage drop, I just took my huge backpack on board. I slept pretty well off and on during both flights, though from Doha I was rudely awakened repeatedly by the woman next to me ... read more
The wonderful cafe
Chapel behind memorial
Soissons Memorial

Europe » France » Picardy » Somme November 11th 2014

11a.m 11th November 2014 A Journey in Memory of those who gave their lives so gallantly in WWI 1914-1918 There’s a poignant peace amongst the quiet towns of Flanders and The Somme as the sun goes down. As if remembering. Bright the light on furrows deep beyond the plough reveal a past of sacrifice, as lambs now graze this placid scene bequeathed to those who live today. We can but reflect. Across these fertile plains and tranquil water now rest the vivid scenes of war and slaughter, as tears we share with the circling buzzards’ plaintive cry. ... read more
Known Unto God
Ypres (Ieper)
The Menin Gate

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