Louvre, crepes, and my first greve!

Published: January 6th 2010
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So to finish up a little for yesterday, after my entry I went to a cafe for dinner. I was sitting alone next to another woman who was sitting alone. We got to talking and she eventually offered to meet me today to go to the Luxembourg Museum. So then I got back to my room and I met my roommates: one Brazilian guy and two Australian guys. They were really polite, and I didn't see them much.

So, today started with a metro ride to the Louvre. On the train, a kibitzer clarinetist was playing for tips. It was the soundtrack of my day! Wow Paris is great! The Louvre itself was overwhelming. What made it a little more testing was that I developed a somach ache while I was there. I drank lots of water as I wandered through the epic halls. While I was in the Greek and Roman sculptire area, it started snowing outside! I saw many pieces that I have studied in my art history classes, and a lot of the paintings are a lot bigger than I imagined! The Death of Sardanapalus by Delacroix and the the Persian Lamasu were amazing! I saw the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo also, but honestly, I don't understand the hype--there were tons of other pieces that fascinated me more.

Back on the Avenue Gobelins (my neighborhood; super cool and trendy), I wanted desparatly to take a nap. But alas! My hostel has a lock out from 11:00 to 4:00 for cleaning, so I had to push on! Which meant going to get some French food 😊 I went to a creperie down the road where a wonderful man made me a fresh crepe with nutella. It was steaming when I started eating it, and it melted in my mouth. The man and I chatted, and I asked him for Crepe #2, with sugar and Grande Marinier. It was delicious and helped warm my body from walking in the 20 degree weather. Next I headed to the church i discovered yesterday down the road, Saint Medard. It is dimly lit and very old--from the 12th century. I wandered around and marveled at all the little candels lit in the alcoves donated to various saints. Rue Moffetard, which is there, is a lovely winding road of cheese shops, outdoor markets and delis when chickens are spits roasted outside.

At 4pm, I headed to Cafe l'Interlude to meet Catherine, the woman I met yesterday. We had a drink and talked about Simone de Beauvoir and the strike that most of the major newpapers are on. That means that there are no newspapers! Can you imagine that happening in the US? hahahaha. We took the bus (the system here is AMAZINGLY easy) to the 6th arrondisement. It was freezing outside when we walked to the the museum to see an exhibit of Tiffany work. It was wonderfully beautiful, with many stained glass works that were quite easy on the eye! Then, Catherine took me to Saint Sulpice. Though it's under construction, the church was beautiful and HUGE. There was a Delacroix painting at the entrance, and lots of other beautiful woodwork and sculpture. Catherine was kind enough to take the bus back with me, even though it was not in her direction, and then we said goodbye. She is a lovely woman, and if I am in Paris again, I hope to see here again!

On Avenue Gobelins, I got dinner at an Italian place. It was ok, not as good as the other places I've eaten so far! It's so expensive to eat here! lunch at a cafe can cost about 10 euro, and dinner about 15-20. I think I've got to stop eating out and start buying food from the grocery! Cheese here is realyl cheap, thank the stars!

Well, now I'm sitting in the hostel common area, along with about 15 other travelers. We're all packed in here because this is where the wi-fi is! A lot of people staying here speak English, and are also nice people.

So tomorrow: I'm determined to see Notre Dame! And maybe the Arc de Triomphe. The cold and greyness has really been sapping my energy / adventurous spirit! So how to fix this? hmmmm.......maybe more French food, coffees, and chats with those I love! Thanks mom and B for being on Skype tonight! You made me feel renewed!


12th January 2010

thank the stars!
wow how lovely to meet Catherine! this all sounds so lovely, ashley!! you're so free and independent! hahaha xoxo. ooh, let me get on skype...

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