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Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans September 21st 2022

Up early to get to Le Mans. Well we had a diversion of what must have been at least 20 miles as the A28 where we needed to get on was closed. To be honest this was quite good for me as it gave me a break from being buffeted on the motorway - I know I will need a back and shoulder massage when we get back to the UK as cor blimey my right shoulder has so many aches due to having to hold the motorhome in the wind. We have to stop at a toll and there are swarms of gendarmeries on the other side so I am thinking get me out of here bleeding quick before I get stopped even though I have done nothing wrong. However when I see a policeman ... read more
The cathedral
I cannot do it justice
One of the stained glass windows

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans October 14th 2016

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it! We have been quite busy over the last few days, After leaving Metz we headed into Belgium to visit Musee Herge (the Tintin Museum) and had a great time looking around and learning more about his creator and his other works. We then visited the Tintin shop before we left and I found I was treated like royalty by the staff. Funny that - probably something to do with my ability to increase their profit margins this month!. Anyway, I fulfilled another dream, which was great. We then stayed in Lille for the night before continuing for a relatively short drive to Calais, visiting Dunkerque on the way. We stayed in Calais at a hotel complex at the entrance to the "Chunnel" and visited a huge shopping complex so ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans September 5th 2015

Today was our test run for Bob’s new device. A handlebar holder for the Tomtom so we could use it on the Kisbee scooter. We got up and out quite early for us and were on our way by 10am. The Tomtom behaved perfectly and took us straight in to the Cathedral. What an impressive sight. It isn’t often that one gets an uninterrupted view of a cathedral but the Le Mans one is perched up above a big open square with a commanding view of all it surveys. Coffee first and then we climbed up to the steps for a visit. Such excellent timing. We realised very quickly that a wedding was about to start so went to the front doors as they were opened and all the quests came flooding in. The priest then ... read more
Wonderful stained glass windows in the Cathedral, this is just one of many
A privelige to be in the Cathedral as the wedding party entered
Wedding at the Cathedral

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans September 4th 2015

The sky was clear when we went to bed even if a little chilly but my goodness, did it rain in the night. Had to leap up to shut the roof vents. Luckily it had dried off by the time we got ready to leave. Heading south, Le Mans first stop on our way to the south as though we’ve driven past we’ve never visited up to now and Bob has found a campsite close enough so we can scooter in. The overnight rain returned as we left and stayed with us all morning on and off. Reminds us of the weather we’ve been having in Staffordshire this summer, a little bit too much cloud and grey sky and too little blue sky and sun. We were not in any particular rush so Bob chose a ... read more
~Scenic drive along the Seine after Duclair ferry crossing
Bamville and yes the Tandy did fit down there

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans July 28th 2015

If the Daily Mail is to be believed ( and really, why wouldn't you believe such an impartial, well researched daily journal........) France is a mediaeval throwback full of immigrants and angry farmers and Dover is currently like Guantanamo bay. It isn't. We may have been lucky but the journey to Dover yesterday evening to the camp site there was uneventful to say the least (apart from the horror of Ash not getting his promised chilli sauce in the pub which is still affecting him deeply today, the weeping has only just stopped....). Once at the campsite the usual teething troubles we face every year, this time with the telly and a couple of fuses, happened but somehow my limited electrical skills and the fall back of a fire extinguisher meant that all was OK and ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans June 23rd 2014

The plan for the day was to head to Paris with a quick stop at Le Mans. I'd visited there before on a family trip and had good memories of the museum there so was keen to head back. The Herbys graciously agreed to the slight detour and it took a nudge over an hour to get there. We found a small cafe right next to the main grandstand and museum where we had our morning coffees and croissants before hitting the museum and merch shop. Jo found me a copy of the advertising poster for Le Mans in 1966 when it was won by the kiwi pairing of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon with Denny Hulme finishing second. As usual I was keen to merch up but there were few shirt designs in fat-man size ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans September 1st 2013

Day Two – We all woke up to a rather dull French morning. For me the night had been a quiet one but then when you have a bit of a hearing problem all nights are quiet. Glenn on the other hand who has the hearing of Superman said that it had been a touch noisy but nothing to keep you awake all night. That is one of the problems of having the hearing of Superman. You hear every little squeak and noise in the night. We breakfasted overlooking the sea. England lost in the mist. And it was cold too. Far colder than we expected for late August. Have we been spoiled by the lovely unusually hot summer we have experienced this year at home? Reception opened at 8 so we packed up very quickly ... read more
Equehen Plage
Yvre L'Eveque

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans June 8th 2010

Le Mans: After a few hours of driving the world famous Dunlop Bridge came into view on the horizon, I beamed with excitement. When talking to the American about motor sport, he could only picture NASCAR. I explained how racing circuits in Europe were a little more exciting than the oval circuits of NASCAR. I had told him all about the Circuit de la Sarthe used for the endurance race and how most of the thirteen and a bit kilometre lap was on actual roads that we could drive on. When we got there, that is exactly what we did. In my mind I was tearing up the asphalt doing a reverse lap of the circuit, my gear changes, perfect, throttle control, smooth. In reality I was in a 1l Daewoo rip off that squealed in ... read more
1 Peugeot 2009 LMP1
2 Start Finish
3 Porsche

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