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July 16th 2010
Published: July 16th 2010
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Day 3

Last night in our infinate wisdom and to try and cool the tent down, we slept with the fly sheet open. This proved a mistake when stoph woke me up saying that he thought he had a bug in his ear and could i shine the torch inside his head to try and find it. I obliged and did my best to re assure him that there was nothing but a good deal of ear wax in his ear and that he should go back to sleep. After another whort while he still proclamed that he thought there was something in there tickling his ear drum and that we should try and flush it out with some water. He promptly lay on his side and i poured water into it. Sure enough after he emptied his head of water a wood lice emerged like a bug in an alien film! We then set about a frantic bug killing session throughout the tent and shut the door.
We awoke to the sound of scotland as the rain was playing a getal lullaby on our tent as we decided to let the shower pass and sleep for a bit longer. We awoke for the second time at 9.30 and finally left the campsite at 10.40 and were on our way to find breakfast. After eating outside a boulangery we were sped on our way by the wind untill we got lost in a maze of streets. After two laps of the village we adventually found our way out the otherside. We were cruizing at a cool 30km/h for about an hour when we came to a roundabout and without looking at the roadsigns carefully went the way the wind was blowing. It wasn’t untill 6km had passed that we realised our mistake and had to backtrack against the wind.
After a further 8km we came to a village that we were sure would have a supermarket for lunch (Stoph proclamed yesterday that he didn’t think we should carry food for lunch anymore as we can always find the mistake??) Nedless to say the first supermarket we came to was shut and so we ate a bag of chrisps between us and pushed on against a strong headwind, fighting a loosing battle. We then came to another town, and by this time were runnign low on supplies and calories, to find two more closed supermarkets and were resigned to rashoning the two munchie bars we had left.
To our releif we found a small sandwich shop and ate before battling the last 15 km to tonights campsite at saint jean de monts. Where we have now litteraly eaten all that is edible in our bags including all of our emergancy food and are still hungry.
Although the stats from today arn’t spectacular the effort was huge They are:
Distance: 90.88km
Max speed: 42.5km/h
Ride time: 4:33:58
Average: 19.9 km/h
Trip distance: 302.53 km


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