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May 18th 2009
Published: August 3rd 2009
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Ma famille d’accueille

I have absolutely fallen in love with my host family. I regard them as a true family. I also tried my best to share facets of the American culture with them. I explained one day that it was a wives’ tale that when the sun is shining and it is raining that we say that the devil is beating his wife. There are many other expressions that I cannot think of that the moment that I explained to them. The really appreciated that. Not too soon after Easter vacation I went to the store with Christiane and we bought things to make hamburgers. I had offered to make true American hamburgers for my house parents and their family. Everyone really enjoyed it. :D Jean, my house father, hates to get his fingers dirty. So, he didn't put any condiments on his hamburger. I suggested to him to dip his hamburger into the ketchup so that he wouldn't get his fingers dirty. The whole table laughed as he did it because his face absolutely lit up. Dinner is always quite the experience chez les Berthomes. Jean loves to discuss the problems of the world, and one night he said Gulfstream with an extremely heavy French accent, and I couldn't stop myself from laughing. This caused the three of us to laugh until our faces turned red, and we couldn’t breathe. From there out Jean refused to say anything that derived from the English language to me. I wasn't making fun of him, and he understood that. It was that I didn't expect to hear him say that. I know that he knows some English from his travels, but he never really said anything in English to me.
Each semester the CIDEF organizes a picnic for students and their house families. Christiane asked me if I would be interested, and I said yes. So the day arrives when we are supposed to go to the picnic. I receive a telephone call from David asking me what I was doing. I told him that I was about to go picnic and he asked if he could join. Christiane said yes, and we prepared some food for him. He was so shocked that my house family was so nice to him. His house mother didn't like going to the picnics. David was always welcome in my house, and at dinner often times I would discuss my antics with David to my house parents.

Mots et Expressions!

Coincer - (v.) l’action de prendre qqc et le mis en place. J’entendais ce mot souvent chez les Berthomes.
Rendre visite à qqn - Au lieu de dit « j’ai visité qqn » il est mieux de dit « j’ai rendu visite à qqn ». La première a une signification plutôt sexuelle. Un nuit j’ai fait ce faut et mon ami m’a corrigé.
Epargner - (v.) Comme garder l’argent. Il y a une banque en France qui s’appelle caisse d’épargne.
Bouquin - (n.) Mon père d’accueille adore lire. Il a beaucoup de bouquin qu’il m’a donné de lire.
Bourré -(adj.) (fam.) Souvent à Mardi Café il y a des personnes qui sont bourré. Bourré est comme ivre.


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