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September 27th 2008
Published: September 27th 2008
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fun facts about my stay in france and things i enjoy saying

- 10. the number of mcDonalds passed en route to our hotel in paris

- 12. the number of wines sampled at the degastation in Saumur

- 1. 1 angry russian

- 24. in the last 24 hours hours i have graduated university, moved to yet another new country, and said goodbye to some really great friends.

- 3. the number of 'satisfaction overloads' experienced on the first day of the paris trip

- 4. the number of Dali museums visited in Belgium and France

- 1. 1 sacred grotto and bishop encounter

- 30. i have lived off a diet of tomatoes and bread for 30 days.

- 7. the number of countries left to visit before noel

- 1month. my new cousin is one month old and i have yet to meet her.

- 2 pictures sketched along the river Seine

- 5. 5 pairs of black flats that have been worn to the ground since arrival.

- 16. number of times Soft Bar has been visited.

- 0. the size of jeans most french boys fit into

- 2. missing best friends in Canada

- 3 countries visited so far

- 4 corners of france visited.

- 1 broken hearted souvenir stand boy holding on to my snowglobe in paris.

- 100 times the word meow is spoken per weekend.

- 6 languages i can now say "no, im not interested" in

- 33 days in Scotland

- 8 asian babies. i really miss watching jon and kate plus 8. that and my dog is what i miss from home

- 90 days away

one unforgettable experience


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