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July 15th 2008
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Flying High Over The PyreneesFlying High Over The PyreneesFlying High Over The Pyrenees

Look at the 3 lakes! Amazing!
After managing to pack about 40 tops, 14 pairs of jeans, 8 pairs of shoes, 10 pairs of sox/underwear plus belts and accessories into my suitcase I made my way to the airport...this thing was heavy but hey I am staying for 2 months so I have to be prepared..and not be put out either lol

I got to Gatwick and attempted to check in but then managed to find out where the cling film machine that wraps your whole suitcase was so went to do that. That's where I found my suitcase was 31kg! The cling film guy said I might not be let on the flight or would have to put it in 2 suitcases so I went back to ask the check in staff. They said it was ok so I went back again to the cling film man and got him to do his thing, went back to check in and OMG I COULDN'T FIND MY PASSPORT!! I searched everywhere in my bag for ages but to no avail. I cried in angst to the check in woman, "OMG! This can't be happening to me!!" lol I asked for scissors but they said they werent't allowed to have them so I managed to get a pen and rip the bloody cling film and lo an behold stupid me had put my passport in the front pocket of my cling filmed suitcase! DUDH! Thankfully the panic was over and I got on my flight and to Barcelona!

I took some pictures on the plane of the Pyrenees. I saw there were 3 lakes in the middle of them and they looked really cool!


16th July 2008

your carbon foot print
I despair at all the extra diesel needed to get you and your outfits across europe, better plan a truck for the way back after you include a few trips to our favourite shops lol.

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