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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Saint-Jean November 16th 2008

Monday 3rd Nov(1n) Sainte Marie Sur Mer ( last nignt in France) Yesterdays rain is nothing but yesterdays rain. It’s beautiful and sunny this morning and the traffic very quiet. The drive to Spain will take us through Perpignan. So Perpignan here we come. The sceneries are breath taking and so is the drive through dangerous mountain passes. The slightest mistake would be costly. Linda loved the sceneries and keep saying ‘Oh Abder look at that; it’s beautiful’. but for me I have to keep my eyes on the road and my foot on the break. It was 4 in the afternoon when we reached the suburbs of Perpignan. We decided to set camp at village called Sainte Marie Sur Mer. By now we are accustomed to staying in chateaux, and as it happens Sainte Marie ... read more
En route to Perpignan2
Chateau Barerra1
Chateau Barerra2

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Saint-Jean October 3rd 2006

Ezra and Kellie had had a pretty terrible night by the sounds of things. I had no sympathy at all for Ezra. Nobody else had been sick from the previous night's meal, and he was the only one who had eaten these so-called 'blueberries' the day before. Kellie asked the man who ran the refuge if we could stay for 1 more night, but they refused. Ezra was in no state to walk the next 20 klms. So Kellie and Ezra decided to catch a bus to Pampalona, and I decided to keep walking and agreed to meet them in Pampalona in 2 days. I headed off alone into the forest. I was annoyed at Ezra and wanted to leave to let them deal with their own problems, but I felt bad for leaving Kellie behind. ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Saint-Jean October 2nd 2006

We emerged from the cave, tired, sore and grumpy, with no breakfast, and kept walking. Today was an easier walk than yesterday had been. We stopped at a fountain and chatted to some other pilgrims (pilgrims is the word for people doing this walk). One girl, Louise, from New Zealand, was telling me about a hostel of some sort that we could stay at that night, in about 12 klms, for only 5 euros. The thought of a real bed after the previous night's sleep was quite tempting. So we kept walking, tired and hungry. At one point Ezra was so hungry that, much to Kellie's dismay, he ate some berries off a bush. "I'm not going to have any sympathy for you when you're sick!" Kellie warned Ezra. "It's ok, I'm almost certain they're blueberries! ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Saint-Jean October 1st 2006

Today we woke up bright and early, in better spirits, and ready to walk! We spent the morning buying food. It was a mission to find anything other than baguettes! We sat in a park and I opened my Vegemite, which I was very excited about! It was the first time I'd had Vegemite since leaving Australia. It was the best Vegemite sandwich I've ever had! The we set off on our walk. It was a beautiful sunny day, and warmer than we'd expected. A lot of the walk was along a road, which was frustrating, I was anxious to get off the beaten track. We were all a bit nervous about this really steep hill that the people at the pilgrim's office had warned us about...but in the end it turned out to be not ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Saint-Jean September 30th 2006

We arrived in St. Jean Pied De Port in the evening. I didn't know what to expect. When I told my friend Keith I wanted to do the Camino De Santiago, an 800-or-so klm walk through Spain, and asked for advice, he just said 'go to St. Jean Pied De Port. " That was all the information I'd been given, I was still having trouble remembering the name of this walk. The train ride was gorgeous, crossing through rainforests and rivers. Kellie, my sister, Ezra, her boyfriend and I were very excited in anticipation of what lay ahead. In my mind were images of hiking through forests like these, just the 3 of us, pitching our tents, lighting campfires, laying out under the stars and a full moon...we were making a few blasphemous Monty Python jokes ... read more

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